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  • B4ts B4ts Oct 11, 2010 00:39 Flag

    These "International" breaks....

    No good for man nor beast now we are in the Championship, I mean, we have nothing much to talk about ....... !

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    • Well neither of us had Andy Hughes on the bench, or Alnwick (obviously), but I think overall yours was closer... Although I meant to include Snoddy and forgot, and would have taken Paynter off the bench for Gradel

      I think that the best news, despite the return to form of Becchio, was the continuing presence of Amdy Faye in the starting X1

    • Okay, so far we have two slightly different line-ups.

      Connolly, Naylor, Collins, McCartney;
      Kilkenny, Faye, Johnson;
      Sam, Somma, Gradel;

      SUBS: Parker, Howson, Becchio, McCormack, Bessone, Paynter, Watt.

      Connolly, Naylor, Collins, McCartney;
      Snodgrass, Faye, Kilkenny, Watt;
      Somma, McCormack;

      SUBS: Warner, Johnson, Howson, Becchio, Nunez, Sam, Gradel.

      ‘Five stars for guessing the actual line-up!

    • Woops, Snoddy in for Gradel

    • Just wondering if any of you have thoughts on the team to play Boro - as per the one message in this thread that no one has read ) - :

    • Do any of you remember the classic 2-3-5 ‘Pyramid’ formation?
      Goal Keeper
      Right Full Back, Left Full Back;
      Right Half Back, Centre Half Back, Left Half Back;
      Right Winger, Right Inside Forward, Centre Forward, Left Inside Forward, Left Winger.
      The formation gave rise to the convention of shirt numbers…
      With nowt else to do last weekend, I watched a couple of Sunday League teams playing in my local park. Although each side, maybe, started with other formations in mind, as soon as they kicked-off, both reverted to a Pyramid system - with just about every player running up the field to attack, then all running back to defend. It was entertaining – probably because it reminded me of the kind of football I used to play…
      Anyway, watching this game got me thinking that, having seen Leeds (and many other teams of professional players, including England) revert to 2-3-5 and/or 9-1 when a game goes off plan, the Pyramid should become the default formation in football.
      Let us face it, 4-4-2 (Larry’s, and Capello’s, favourite formation) has become the 2-3-5 of today and, as in the past, any clever manager can devise an alternative system to give his side an advantage. It would be great if Larry could create a new system that works for Leeds. If this were beyond his imagination then 2-3-5 would at least show honest intent.
      An inside forward!

    • Hi Bats, nothing to do? Feeling at a loose end? Life getting you down? No Football on the Telly? No Football? Go Walkabout, meet people, see Sunset, Sunrise, Bleary Eyes, Whatever! Anyway just read on Teletext that Werder Bremen have frozen/Cut their players wages due to lack of performance by said players! Is this a first?

    • Yes they are a bit of a ball ache B4ts. Next one isnt until the new year i think, so at least we have a few months now of constant league action to chat about.

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      • Unlike the closed season in which we can discuss the ‘pillow talk’ of transfer rumours etc, international breaks are the football equivalent of ‘coitus interuptus’…
        Maybe, in our present situation, this international break is quite timely. Prior to it, Leeds’ belly was not exactly fizzing! Yet, regardless of some limp performances, we have been doing, sort of, okay.
        Whether, despite a couple of humiliating defeats, with our injury problems more-or-less sorted, we can recover and give other sides in the Championship a good hard shagging is up to the belief and confidence Leeds has in itself.
        A win against Middlesbrough next weekend would help to restore confidence. The problem is that Boro is pretty much in a similar situation to Leeds. Because Middlesbrough was a favourite for auto promo, and has not met its fans’ expectations, the game against Leeds next weekend could mean more to Boro, and Gordon Strachan, than it does to us.
        Middlesbrough and Leeds will both be expecting to get something from the game. If either side finishes with a hard-on, it can go on to take the rest of this league. I suspect neither will do; but an early goal from Leeds could change this stand-off by turning Boro fans against their own team….
        ‘Football and Sex’ – maybe that is something we could discuss during international breaks. A few years ago, I read something about a survey that reported football fans have sex with their partners when their team wins and do not when their team loses; it said nothing about what happens when there is no football… ( - :