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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 Oct 13, 2010 02:54 Flag

    Mike Grella

    So our talented but misfiring, under-rated and under used, striker has gone out on loan to join Lubo at Carlisle. That should make Carlisle very happy. I just hope he does a Beckford/Somma, returns to Leeds and shows Larry the talent all us fans had suspected he has if he had only been given a decent chance at ER.

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    • This is possibly a good move for Grella, as he hasn't been given a real chance to show his true potential.
      The American collegiate system is quite strange in as much as players can be brought on and off at will and it is not unusual for a player to make two or three appearances on the pitch during a match.
      If Grella was brought up with this system then he will have become very used to coming on for LU only as a sub. If he can get some full 90 mins under his belt for a good few games it will be good for his confidence and hopefully he will come back a better player and reach his true potential.
      Larry obviously doesn't rate him as highly as others and maybe something in training is leading to that belief - only time will tell.
      Let's hope he comes back a player better equipped to help us make a trip to the EPL