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  • So fellas, Cardiff next up on Monday.
    With the way results have been going for us, we will probably win this one handsomely, or am i the eternal optomist?
    If you look at how results & performances have gone, we play shite, get beat, play well and win and the cycle continues. We cant seem to put 2 or 3 good performances together and build some momentum.
    After the game against Svens mob it would be typical of this season for us to come out all guns blazing, and give Cardiff a good hiding.
    The news that Ben Parker & Billy Painter both completed 90 minutes this week is good news and both might be in the squad for this one.
    Going for Leeds to win 3-1 and lose the next game!!!

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    • Bothroyd should have received a red card. If he had, the game would have been very different.
      Why football does not use the technologies that are now standard in other sports, such as rugby, cricket, and tennis, to show what actually happens in critical situations, is beyond the comprehension of any fair-minded observer. In this ‘sport’, the self-serving powers that control it seem to have their own agenda.
      Anyway, putting that rant aside, with or without Bothroyd’s presence on the pitch, Cardiff outplayed us. The same problem that has been affecting our performances all season, our lack of pace, caught us out again tonight. Our players with pace, Sam and Watt for instance, were not even on our bench FFS!
      I am sorry if this sounds as if I am knocking Larry, but I just cannot understand what his thinking was when, in an important game where pace matters, he plays some one as slow as Johnson, and plays left-footers on the right wing, right-footers players on the left wing.
      I imagine that, still suffering from the shock of the Preston game, Larry was erring on the side of caution - to be polite! He has to snap out of it. He is starting to behave like a frightened rabbit with no ideas, no imagination, and nowhere to go.
      If he doesn't wake up soon, lapin-au-pot will be on the menu in Monaco.

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    • Bellamy, Chopra, and Bothroyd will be hard to contain, also Leeds has to look out for Whittingham and Burke. It will be a difficult game for the Whites. Cardiff is the League’s in-form team at present, yet that is no reason for fear.
      The Bluebirds will come to ER full of confidence, especially after seeing Leeds taken-apart by Leicester. However, if they think they will have an easy win, it could be their undoing.
      I imagine Cardiff will expect Leeds to defend in numbers, with Larry hoping for a 0-0 draw, whilst knowing that they have enough fire-power to break our fragile defence. I hope that Larry encourages Cardiff to believe this, and then springs a bit of football judo on them by diverting the thrust of their attack and using our wide players to get behind and drop them on their arses.
      So far this season, Cardiff has lost to Peterborough, Leicester, and Ipswich; and drawn against Sheffield and Crystal Palace. They are beatable and, if Larry has done his homework, we could just get something out of this game – though I am not expecting too much.

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      • I've just sneaked in to say I go along with that, sounds about right to me---because I'm saying nowt till after the Cardiff game.
        H---professional forecaster.

      • Our defence will be hard pressed to contain Bellamy, Chopra, and Bothroyd, and I think we may have to play a 9-1 formation.
        Seriously though, Larry is going to have a super game plan to stop those three with our current defensive frailties.
        Bruce will be back which will help, and I just wish Schmeichel was fit (anybody had any news on his progress?).
        My opinion is go for it hell for leather and try and score goals from the off. If we play defensively it might be very embarrassing, but attack is the best form of defence and in this match I believe that is what is needed. If we lose then at least we will have tried, and I think we could sneak it as they are certainly not invincible.
        0-0or 1-0 is my hopeful prediction.

    • Pass---daren't open my mouth.