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  • B4ts B4ts Nov 6, 2010 00:21 Flag

    Coventry v Leeds United

    What's the score ? I will go for Leeds not being beaten !

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    • Well they won Bats, thanks to Snodgrass! Will be unable to offer any sort of prediction flor Tuesday night against Hull City due to Ill Health! Whos? Mine! Leeds do NOT play well at home, Hull do not play well at all, but they do seem to do better away from home!

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      • After a first half in which we dominated the game, Leeds got a deserved 2-3 win which will help to build confidence.
        Coventry put us under a lot of pressure in the second half with accurate high balls into the danger zone. This exposed a lack of understanding between Collins and O'Brien about off-side trap duties and panic led to us conceding two soft goals.
        With Coventry having some large players and its long-ball game, I can see why Larry started Collins but I hope this was a one-off.
        Some of Larry's substitutions were baffling. Fair enough, Johnson had to replace Faye; but Hughes for Gradel signalled that Leeds was just rolling up into a ball and gave Coventry confidence. This was the time to bring on Nunez. In addition, swapping Kilkenny for Somma was an insult to both of these players. Somma should have replaced Becchio who was having a poor to indifferent game. What are our strikers for if not to score goals!

    • I am a bit less up-beat now than I was at the start of the week. Bryan quoting Snoddin about how naive Leeds (Larry) has been in choosing formats to play Championship teams - or, conversely, how easy it has been for opposition managers to predict how Leeds will play - has me worrying that Aidy Boothroyd will have had a week to work on a strategy and tactics to beat us.
      After our second-half success at Scunthorpe, it follows that the same formation and starting XI should be used against Coventry, and Boothroyd will be counting on this.
      As much as I have criticised Larry in the past for being predictable, in this game I think he should stick with the team he has but change the formation slightly, and be prepared to make early substitutions that will confound Coventry.
      All the hype about McSheffrey badmouthing Grayson is, I suspect, gamesmanship - the intention being that Leeds focus unduly on McSheffrey and relieve pressure on the rest of the Coventry team. Aidy Boothroyd's style is direct route hoofball. If he can tie-up our defence with a disproportionate attention to McSheffrey then it will be easier to slip one of his other players into a scoring position - simples!
      We still do not have a team that gels, and competition for places is not really helping, but I sense that the team is beginning to come together - if only through the use of loan players.
      I think Leeds will get something out of the game tomorrow but it is more likely to be 1-2, 2-2, or 2-3, rather than 1-3.
      My line-up would be:

      Connolly, O’Brien, Bruce, McCartney;
      Kilkenny, Snodgrass;
      Gradel, Howson;

      SUBS: Brown, Paynter, Somma, Sam, Nunez, Johnson, Bromby.

      I also have a feeling that Nunez could be a match winner against a team like Coventry.

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      • No Neil Collins in your squad, big call there.. vindicates my own opinion on him as well Andy!

        I would like to see a more inventive CF to start, with Becchio to come off the bench.. Against a team like Coventry, who are going to play hoof and hope football, it would be nice if we had somebody up front with the ability to turn the game on its head with a flash of brilliance... like you suggested, Andy, Nunez could be this man, or even the boy Somma?

        1-2 to leeds MOT

    • After intense, knowledgeable and reliable research---banker 2-2.
      5 yellow cards, 1 own goal, Howson will score again and it'll be windy with a couple of light downpours during the second half.