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    Not nasty ?

    I think that is the way we need to go. If it hurts us fans that we do not beat a 10 man Hull the players ought to be kicking themselves.Simply. we are too nice. The managers too nice, the players are too nice. We need a Battye or Smudger just someone on the field who can fire the team up and get in there for the kill. The last thing I want is a new manager but the rumblings are evident even on this board. Come on Simon, come on Leeds get nasty !

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    • How Leeds can beat an "In form Bristol City"? Easy, fight, take the game to them, do it the old way! Old way? Soak up the punishment then take over the game! Oh Don where art thou!

    • 'Just wish I knew stuff that is of use, like how Leeds might beat an in form Bristol City ( :

    • Five yellow cards for Hull (and a missed red card for Ian Ashbee), against one yellow for Leeds, shows which team was prepared to get nasty and fight for its survival.
      Leeds is stuck with the ‘Dirty’ prefix and, like it or not, it is a part of our brand. I am sure that this is the reason match officials usually give decisions against us (how many penalties have we been awarded this season – one?), and that other teams know this and exploit it.
      Larry will be aware of the Dirty Leeds reputation and, nice guy that he is, has been doing all he can to change it. He is misguided. Once people have an idea in their minds, no facts, arguments, or behaviour will change it – if you do not believe this, try thinking about what other team you would support.
      There is an interesting video interview with Johnny Giles on the YEP website (http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/leedsunited/Video-Johnny-Giles-talks-Leeds.6618095.jp ) in which he says the Dirty Leeds reputation was undeserved. He claims that other sides were dirtier, but the unfairness of the reputation brought the Leeds 60s-70s side together in a common cause that made players not only want to unite but also to understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses and use them to break other teams down.
      B4ts, I think you are right about Larry (and, therefore, the team) being too nice. However, simply getting players to play rough and commit fouls is not the answer, as it will result in a team of renegade individuals– Johnson did this, and Hull got an undeserved early goal! The answer is for Larry to get the team back to the club’s roots, embrace the hate, and always feel that it has to fight against the odds.
      I do not want to see Larry sacked. I think he can become a great manager for Leeds but he has to change his mind-set to fit the Leeds ethos; which is more like the Spartan army at Thermopylae, than the Salvation Army with a Thermos, which is what we witnessed against Hull, Preston, Barnsley...!

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      • "There is no doubt in my mind that from 68 to 74 we where the best team in Europe"! From 38 to 44 the Germany had the best Army in Europe! What has that to do with it? Well they are both stuck with a tag that influences what they do and the way they act today! The Leeds United Team of Don Revie was feared throughout the Football World! Through the petty jealousies and fears of the opposing teams, players managers and fans Leeds success was put down to unfair "Dirty" tactics! What the jealous mind never accepts is that someone is better hence they must be cheating! Larry is trying to shake off this "Dirty" tag, he might as well try to rename the "Eifel Tower" or "The Staue of Liberty"! The Germans, especially their politicians are influenced by the events in their past, which is no bad thing, but, and it is a big BUT, their decisions in many cases reflect their fear of being accused of racisem, predjudice etc etc! What I am trying to say and failing miserably is that Larrys decisions are probably being affectted similarly! It is one thing to foul and another to go in for a fair but hard tackle! Talk to people over here about English Football and they all say the same, "Hard but Fair", they expect footballers from "Die Insel" to be hard, but fair! They also know that because of our calendar we play more games, and therefore have to be fitter, "Van der Vaart", and faster! Unfortunately for us people like Sepp Blatter and Micheal Platinni are heading the FIFA/EUFA bandwagon and they do not like the "English" style of football, hence the ridiculous instructions to their Referees to stamp down on hard tackles which the Refs obviously interpretate as they will resulting in a flood of Yellow and Red Cards! Okay, I will give Andy recht, Hull play an hard game of football, but they want to survive! This does not mean that fouls are order of the day, but in fighting is!
        What can be done? Answer, haven`t a clue, have you?

      • I saw the JG video a few days ago, and Johnny is quite right.
        We were a hard team, but fair. How many times did Norman get sent off? 1 possibly!!
        You are quite right guy's - we need to be given the unfair reputation of 'Dirty Leeds' again. It will put the fear of god up the opposition as it used to do in the old days. The number of times I came away from matches in the old days and the opposing fans were in awe of our tenacity were too many to count, and that tenacity needs to be instilled into this team pretty soon otherwise we will be the pansies of this division.
        I agree with Andy that Larry could make a half decent manager as of all the ex players we have had managing the club he is proving the best, but he has a lot to learn - and soon!!

      • Although I did mention "chinning" I was not meaning we should get dirty. I would just like to see the hard side return, "win at all costs" if you like. At present it seems many other teams we have played get stuck in to us and control us especially at ER which, in my opinion is unforgiveable.If we can get that mindset it would help us survive and flourish.

    • Nasty, you gotta be nasty, not tasty, not hasty but NASTY! One hears this cry from many Trainer/Mangers in many countries, you know the one Bats, "We were just too NICE"! or "We lacked the killer instinct", "We lacked the ability to finish!" There are no end to them! Rugby players, and Hull is mainly a Rugby Town. always say of Footballers that they are a load of "PANSIES"! It is not for the "Pansies" to prove the Rugby lot right! Nobody is saying we should be "Dirty", but they need to be unremitting in their approach to games! Oh Norman where aet Thou!