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  • BRYAN BRYAN Nov 11, 2010 19:21 Flag

    Not nasty ?

    I saw the JG video a few days ago, and Johnny is quite right.
    We were a hard team, but fair. How many times did Norman get sent off? 1 possibly!!
    You are quite right guy's - we need to be given the unfair reputation of 'Dirty Leeds' again. It will put the fear of god up the opposition as it used to do in the old days. The number of times I came away from matches in the old days and the opposing fans were in awe of our tenacity were too many to count, and that tenacity needs to be instilled into this team pretty soon otherwise we will be the pansies of this division.
    I agree with Andy that Larry could make a half decent manager as of all the ex players we have had managing the club he is proving the best, but he has a lot to learn - and soon!!

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