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    Leeds v Bristol City

    Well, someone had to start this usual pre-match thread!
    For the sake of club morale, Leeds needs a win in this home game.
    Despite Bristol City’s lowly table position, it is a side that seems to be hitting form. It has not lost in its last five games (beating Reading, Middlesbrough, and Swansea; and drawing with QPR, and Preston North End) and, according to reports, is defensively well organised.
    This will not be an easy game for Leeds. I hope Larry has done his research.
    It is likely that Bristol will play five in midfield and how Larry organises our lads to respond to a defensive formation will be vital.
    I would like to see something like:

    Bruce, O’ Brien, McCartney;
    Snodgrass, Kilkenny, Nunez, Gradel;
    Somma, Paynter

    SUBS: Brown, Becchio, Sam, Howson, Clayton, Johnson, Connolly

    However, I think Larry will play:

    Connolly, Bruce, O'Brien, McCartney;
    Gradel, Howson, Faye, Snodgrass;
    Becchio, Somma

    SUBS: Brown, Paynter, Sam, Nunez, Clayton, Johnson, Collins

    Actually, it is unlikely the Clayton will feature but, IMO, the lad has a future in our midfield and should be encouraged; he is a better alternative to Johnson when Faye is crocked. I also hope Nunez and Paynter get some realistic game time.
    My (optimistic) prediction: 3-1.

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    • Bellamy was without doubt City's best player last season and Mancini is proving he knows nothing about English football.
      With the squad you've got you should be top of the league.
      I would be one very angry sheik and have got rid of him by now.
      Good luck for the rest of the season.

    • Got to agree regarding Bellamy, Dunster. Can't stand the guy to be honest, but last season was probably his best season ever. Reading between the lines I reckon Mancini feared him being the spokesman for what appears to be happening now.

    • “Stay cool guys, this time last year would you have settled for 8th in the Championship at this stage.
      H---feeling the draught from nodding heads.”

      “Stay cool guys, this time last year would you have settled for 5th in the Championship at this stage.
      H---feeling the draught from nodding heads”

      Alan, it would be great to see the same posts again but with 'EPL' instead of 'Championship' – that will be a senior moment! ( :

    • Keep being optimistic Andy! 3-1 spot on!!!

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      • Bryan, guessing the right score was fortunate. TBH I would have been happy with any home win – we played well but not consistently and, until Becchio’s second gaol, the match could have gone either way.
        All credit to Larry! His team selection was close to what we all predicted but with some subtle yet surprising differences.

        Connolly, Bruce, O'Brien, McCartney;
        Kilkenny, Howson, Johnson, Snodgrass;
        Somma, Gradel

        SUBS: Becchio, McCormack, Sam, Paynter, Collins, Brown

        Substitutions: Becchio for Somma and Sam for Gradel (59), and Paynter for Howson (89)

        Who would have thought Becchio could be an impact player!
        If you look at the bench, and the attacking players sitting on it, it is obvious that Larry had confidence in the defence and had figured-out that this game was about attack.
        Whatever way he does it, if Larry can introduce even subtle unpredictable elements into his tactics then I think Leeds could finish in the play-offs this season.
        To quote Eddie Gray, “I think we can get into the Premier League; I don’t think there is any doubt about that!”

    • Stay cool guys, this time last year would you have settled for 8th in the Championship at this stage.
      H---feeling the draught from nodding heads.

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      • Gents, this is my idea of who will line-up, assuming that Gradel and Faye are too crocked to start.. I think as SG tries to convince Bradley Johnson his future lies at ER, he will not only continue to start but will play in the middle, hence why we will not get two up front..

        Connolly, Bruce, O'Brien, McCartney
        Sam, Kilkenny, Snodgrass

        Subs: Higgs, Payner, Nunez, Collins, Becchio, Hughes, McCormack.

        Not used: Bromby, Parker, Bessone, Crowe, Brown, Robinson, Clayton, Watt, Gradel, Faye, Naylor

        Big squad eh??

        LUFC 2-1

    • I like the look of your fisrt selection Andy, but in tonights YEP Faye is 50/50 for the game, and i would play Howson as he is in good form now and has some confidence after his last few games.
      SG might surprise for once and throw a curveball into the selection just to give us something different and fresh, Nunez maybe? I think its about time he did something different especially at home where we need to start picking up points.
      He seems to have found a winning formula when we are on the road, but things are not quite gelling at home. Connolly says in tonights paper that the players dont feel apprehsive or feel under any pressure from the crowd when they play at ER, and i think he is right. Its stupid mistakes and bad decisions that have cost us, with Cardiff IMO being the only team who have given us the run around.
      Teams used to come to ER and play 5 across the middle in an attempt to stop us playing, but our home record last season was excellent.This season teams know our soft spot is in defence so are coming and having a go at us, and have started taking points off us at an alarming rate. SG needs to address this, and like i said maybe picking some players who are fresh and bring something different.
      Im not making a prediction on this one cos i havent been doing well the past couple of games, but i just hope Leeds can turn some of their away form into results at home, starting tomorrow.

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      • I think it will be the same team as Tuesday night, but hopefully SG will come to his senses and play a striker leaving Becchio in a more natural position.
        I think is the game where the defence needs to start proving itself, and in my opinion a clean sheet is a must. Just because Bristol are in a lowly position means nothing as our 2 most demoralising defeats came from Barnsley and PNE, both of whom are languishing in the lower reaches.
        Clayton, Nunez & Paynter all need to be able to show their worth, but SG won't take the risk just yet - after all his argument is that we are 8th and doing well - not in my opinion a valid enough reason as 5 points have been thrown away (PNE & Hull) needlessly, and we should be in a challenging position.
        No prediction from me as since I gave up we have taken seven points from 3 games and that is nearly a winning formula!