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  • So Leeds have put BJ on the transfer list after he turned down their final contract offer!!
    Now either BJ is getting really bad advice from his agent, or he has visions of granduer where he sees himself cutting the mustard in the EPL week in week out.
    Now IMO i think that he has been badly advised, and this move is purely about money. KB has said that he will not break the clubs pay structure to keep players, and maybe BJ has been offered more money at another Championship club?
    Now i may be biased, but in terms of stature,facilities and attendances we are the biggest club in this league, even if we do not pay the best wages. Surely it would make more sense to sign a contract at Leeds, albeit on a little less money than what he might get elsewhere, and have a better chance of getting to the EPL where he could re-negotiate his contract and earn more than he would with any club in the championship?
    Or maybe he has been tapped up by a EPL team, Blackburn have been mentioned a few times, and will go there hoping to make an impact. With his lack of pace and technical ability he might struggle, but a team like Blackburn would use his strength in the air to their advantage.
    Whatever happens it will be a bonus for Leeds as we we get a fee for a player who IMO gets picked by SG despite not doing enough each week when he plays.
    This could give fringe players like Clayton, Nunez and McCormack the chance to shine if they get the chance, and it might make SG use different formations if he is without BJ.
    It will be interesting to see what sort of reception he gets at the next game.

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    • Hmmm Bradley McJohnson ? It does have a ring about it, he could put some ginger dye on his hair, wear a Kilt and become the real Caledonian !

    • Thats what i read on BBC Sport a few days ago... and look, lets be honest, Rangers are no stronger than Wigan, so it would not surprise me that much...

    • Glasgow Rangers Peter ? I would very much doubt that, I think his agent is initiating that fairy story .....

    • Glasgow Rangers Peter ? I would very much doubt that, I think his agent is initiating that fairy story .....

    • The latest on Bradley, if you believe what you read in the media (check out www.skysports.com/story/0,19...), is that Wigan are looking at him.
      If BJ gets a contract at Wigan, or elsewhere, then I wish him well. It will be good for him and good for Leeds. Apart from the money Leeds will receive, his going will free up a midfield position to allow another player to shine - Bradley was never one of our brighter stars, IMO, and why he was one of the manager's favourites has been a mystery to many fans.
      It will be interesting to see who replaces him. Will Leeds bring in a new midfielder or use one of our own lads?
      While we have all been hoping that Leeds will sign a new, ace defensive midfielder, we have forgotten about Adam Clayton. Clayton has not been given much chance to prove himself, but he and Johnson are similar players. Comparing the two, Clayton looks to be the better option; he can hit the target and has more skill. We got Johnson from Northampton and Clayton from Man City. Clayton is also younger than Johnson (not that Johnson is old) and, possibly, therefore, more able to develop along with the team.
      What do you guys think?

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      • I agree with you Andy, i think SG has sent Clayton out on loan until January to get match fit and have some first team experience so that he can come straight into the team. That is of course if SG doesnt go out and buy someone.
        If BJ does get a move to the premiership good luck to him, cant see him doing much but in a team like Wigans he should fit in ok.

    • Ken puts the boot in on Brad

      Ken Bates: "I never discuss business about players in public because I think that is an internal matter but since Bradley has gone public I think it only fair to the fans that I respond in a measured way,"


      "Players have to realise that the golden days are over. The money is not out there."

      "The alternatives may not be as bright or as varied as people think but this is a decision for Bradley,"

      This is what Bradley Johnson has said:


      IMO, Bradley Johnson has not proved his worth at Leeds. He is replaceable. However, as a 23 year-old, he has the potential to develop, and the ‘improved offer’ from Leeds probably considered this.

      So far this season, the defensive midfield has been a problem area for Leeds. Our defence took the brunt of the criticism for embarrassing defeats but it was also our midfield letting us down.

      Fingering Bradley Johnson as the only weakness in our midfield would be unfair. Simon Grayson, in the way he set up the side and the instructions he gave to players, has to take the blame.

      If Johnson neglected his midfield defensive duties (e.g. constantly charged forward, launching hopelessly heroic, wild shots etc) it was up to Simon Grayson to ‘have a hard word’ or, failing that, bench Johnson.

      To the amazement of many Leeds fans, Simon Grayson stuck by Bradley Johnson as a first team favourite. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bradley Johnson, or his agent, thinks he is worth more than Leeds has offered.

      Bradley Johnson may, or may not, develop into a great defensive midfield player but there are many better who Leeds could sign in January.

      I wish Bradley, his ego and his agent well for their future.

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      • Well said Andy!
        For all of Bates's faults I do not believe him to be a liar. If BJ has behaved in the manner described then it is good riddance to bad rubbish, and along with Jez I won't be sorry.
        He obviously believes our promotion was entirely down to him, and maybe he should take stock as to his true value, which is not as high as he thinks. I know many players in the past who have overruled their managers in contract negotiations because they truly love the club they are playing for, which is obviously not the case as far as BJ is concerned.
        The quicker he goes the better and we will surely find a player better than he will ever be!

      • Great Post Andy. As much as some people dislike Bates he says it how it is, and judging by his comments Johnson is trying to pull the wool over the supporters eyes.
        BJ has come out spouting all the usual "i love the club, the fans blah blah blah" but it sounds like he is not really doing anything to get this situation sorted out.
        I think he will be sold on in January as it doesnt look like either side is willing to climb down, unless of course BJ backs up his words and does sign a new contract.
        I would prefer to see the back of him and see some of the others fringe players given a chance.

    • Good post Jez, Clayton has been farmed out to Peterborough for a month, hopefully he will come back fit and raring to go !

    • Without knowing what went on in the contract negotiations it is unfair to judge BJ. As much as money, the sticking point could have been length of contract; with, say, the Club not seeing BJ in its three year plans.
      It was the Club that transfer listed BJ; not BJ putting in a transfer request. Shaun Harvey, and not Simon, made the announcement, which suggests the manager was sidelined.
      I hope fans bear this in mind and don't boo BJ while he is still playing for Leeds.