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  • BRYAN BRYAN Nov 30, 2010 01:33 Flag

    Bring on the Gooners

    Couldn't agree more!!
    As long as we don't get hammered I will be happy to go out of the cup asap to concentrate on what really matters!

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    • Arsenal v Leeds is a great tie for us! We have nothing to lose - unless it is another 5-0 drubbing.
      I love the way Arsenal play and look forward to watching the match, with a vain hope that we can stop them playing.
      Ironically, our only chance of doing this will be to show Arsenal players no respect, close them down on every move with military precision and go for a long ball game where their titchy kids will not get a look in!
      Even so, if we don't have O'Brien and McCartney it will hard to keep Arsenal at bay.
      Whatever the outcome, Bates will be happy as the match should earn Leeds a some lolly.