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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jan 21, 2011 03:33 Flag


    What a refreshing post!!
    It makes me proud that I am on this board and to get the comments made by fans of a club that is held in the highest esteem by most true football supporters.
    The game was played in the best of spirit and why the ref had to spoil it with two yellows which could have been left out considering the way the game was played is a mystery to me.
    True LU fans always appreciate good football whenever it is played, and it was great to hear Nasri applauded as he left the park. He had a truly tremendous game. Chamack's appreciation of Schmeichel is something you don't see too often in the modern era, and all this has come about because you had two teams who respected each other and played the game to win.
    I wish Arsenal every bit of good fortune for the rest of the season and hope we will be playing them again next year.