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    Back to reality at Portsmouth

    Leeds played with a great spirit against the Arsenal, probably learnt a lot, and sent a positive message to the football world.
    Premiership scouts will now be looking at many of our players as potential acquisitions – I hope we can hang on to Schmeichel, Snodgrass, Gradel, Howson; and even Watt and Johnson.
    If we don’t make it to the EPL this term, we could lose our best players and have to start from scratch again in the Championship next season. Therefore, it is vital that we not only press on in this League with another unbeaten run but also win, as opposed to draw, games and increase our goal difference.
    After the Arsenal game, Leeds players must have tired legs (Gradel was like Mr Duracell!) and on Saturday we face Pompey, a depleted club yet one that can still equal any side in the Championship.
    O’Brien, our defensive stalwart, is crocked (possibly a chance for Bromby to shine) and Kilkenny and Nunez are on international duty; Sam is fit, Becchio should be, McCartney will be available… but, after that, we are likely to field a tired team. Now is the time that we need the additional signings, especially in midfield, that Grayson hinted at (and Bates hasn’t delivered) rather than at the end of the transfer window, if even then!
    The Portsmouth game could be a tipping point for Leeds. A win will keep the positive momentum going; a draw will see us hovering around the play-off places; a loss will be difficult to recover.
    We still have a large squad and, just maybe, after the experience, Leeds can do to Portsmouth what Arsenal did to us.

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    • If the reason that we don't have a new CB is because Kissa is nearing a return that is fine, but if it is because Nayls is close to a return, then I have serious concerns..

      He has been a good servant to the club and was great to lead the boys out of L1, but he does not have the pace or the ability to cut it at this level anymore..

      We could still surely clear some room for wages with the likes of Crowe, Grella, Martin, Elliot, Bessone to get loan or permanent deals soon.

      I would like to see an experienced CM come in, somebody in the ilk of a Kavanagh type.. I hear Robbie Savage turned down Vancouver?? Ha, just joking, but that type of experienced man is what we want..Putting a name out there.. Lee bowyer (obviously smudger was the one we wanted, and I am hoping the reason that we dont have anyone yet is because we were close to bringing him in before his injury)

      Or we could recall Clayton and give him a real shot???

    • O’Brien CB, McCartney LB, both already in the squad before the January transfer window, yet still no midfielder. Sorry, B4ts, but that doesn’t show ambition. With every other club signing available talent, again Larry will have only the dregs and rejects to choose.
      We have all warmed to Bates as a loveable rogue but, love him or not, he is still a rogue – check out: http://www.mail-archive.com/leedslist@list.zetnet.co.uk/msg09674.html
      We all think there is security in having a hardheaded wheeler-dealer working for us but as the saying goes, “when you sup with the Devil use a long spoon”. The ‘potted history’ shows Bates has always put his own interests first. To be fair to Bates, who hasn’t?
      However, after a banking crisis which left every ordinary man and woman facing excessive taxes to repay wealth stolen and hidden in ‘tax havens’, there is good reason to resent people like Bates.
      Maybe if Bates used his ill-gotten fortune to benefit Leeds, we could forgive him his greed but, presently, Bates is a pre-Spirits-of-Christmas, unreformed Scrooge!

    • I thought we had signed O'Brien on a permanent deal and then brought McCartney back to the club after he went back to Sunderland ?

    • It's not just QPR. Most of the clubs at the top are strengthening their squads and so far we have diddly squit.
      KB has got to get a move on in the next week otherwise it looks like we will be well and truly overhauled. Panic buying is what any purchase will seem like unless it is quality.
      Come on KB let the moths fly!!!

    • The vultures will surely be circling!!
      Johnsons' wonder goal may well be his ticket out, and although he has done a good job for us I still think he is a little slow and although he is right to have EPL aspirations I think he may well struggle.
      I don't believe Howson and Snodgrass will move in a hurry as they both seem very committed, and Gradel is proving good and should be on a decent length of contract. Schmeichel who IMO was the steal of the season must be kept at all costs!
      Pompey are going to be another hard test, and we will undoubtedly be tired and a little deflated after a defeat, so it is up to Larry to prove he is a good manger and get them back on track for the real thing. Repeating myself for the umpteenth time we desperately need a midfielder (someone in the Charlie Adam mould would be ideal), and our defence, although stronger has too many slow players, when a little more speed is required(certainly in the EPL).
      Lets hope the players he brings in can refresh the team. No predictions from me as usual, as I always get it wrong!