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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jan 21, 2011 06:17 Flag

    Back to reality at Portsmouth

    The vultures will surely be circling!!
    Johnsons' wonder goal may well be his ticket out, and although he has done a good job for us I still think he is a little slow and although he is right to have EPL aspirations I think he may well struggle.
    I don't believe Howson and Snodgrass will move in a hurry as they both seem very committed, and Gradel is proving good and should be on a decent length of contract. Schmeichel who IMO was the steal of the season must be kept at all costs!
    Pompey are going to be another hard test, and we will undoubtedly be tired and a little deflated after a defeat, so it is up to Larry to prove he is a good manger and get them back on track for the real thing. Repeating myself for the umpteenth time we desperately need a midfielder (someone in the Charlie Adam mould would be ideal), and our defence, although stronger has too many slow players, when a little more speed is required(certainly in the EPL).
    Lets hope the players he brings in can refresh the team. No predictions from me as usual, as I always get it wrong!

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    • Andy, Bryan, the final push for promotion starts against Pompey! They will hope to get a result by trying to stifle the game, they may be happy witha draw, but we cannot be, it needs to be a win to set the course for the long run in to Promotion! OR?

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      • With a team and a formation that are working, it must be difficult for Larry to consider squad rotation. However, after the Arsenal game, our players must be tired and expecting them to play again 72 hours later is a big ask. Larry has to rotate.
        The positives are that Becchio (if, hopefully, fit) will replace Paynter, and McCartney will be at LB in place of Parker. If Gradel is tired (which he should be), Sam can come in. Bromby should play instead of O’Brien (injured) and, fingers crossed, he won’t concede two OGs! Collins could replace Connelly, but I’d prefer it if he didn’t!
        Although they have different styles of play, Somma could fit into ‘the hole’ in place of Watt.
        The real problem is our midfield, the crux in any team. Who do we have to replace Snodgrass, Howson, and Johnson – particularly Johnson who has become our holding midfielder?
        Okay, McCormack could be, used out of position, an attacking midfielder in place of either Howson or Snodgrass. It would not be an ideal solution yet it could work. This still leaves two tired players in the line-up for whom we have no replacements.
        My point is (and I apologise for taking so long to get to it) that Leeds has known since last season that its midfield needed strengthening and has done FA about it. All the talk in the close season, about the importance to our game of getting a quality holding midfielder (e.g. McArthur) came to nowt! Now, for what in the big picture amounts to an h’a‘peth o’ tar, we are about to spoil the ship.
        Norwich is strengthening its squad in a push for promotion. Its rationale is that the £90M the Premiership will bring it (three times its current revenue) is a no-brainer set against spending £100Ks on buying players – a few other Championship clubs are doing the same, but Norwich is a good benchmark for Leeds. In contrast, Ken Bates (with his offshore accounts, tax havens, dodgy dealings, and opaque organisation) seems to have a mind-set that would make E. Scrooge look generous.
        What is going on!