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  • Peter F Peter F Feb 6, 2011 18:46 Flag

    Brendan Ormsby

    Interesting comments from Brendan Ormsby on the YEP:

    "Since the window closed, I've heard a lot of people making the same old complaint – that Ken Bates won't back the manager and won't give him any money, but I'm not sure that's right.

    Every time I heard Bates speak, he said there was money to work with and I don't think it's fair to assume that the lack of signings on Monday was down to the board.

    If Simon was desperate for players, he'd have done something before the deadline. There are always options out there. The fact that he didn't means he must be pretty happy with his squad.

    We can all argue about that but, at the end of the day, we'll only know if it's the right decision when the season ends."

    I couldn't speak truer words myself, and I bet we see a CB and CM come in before the end of Feb on loan..

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    • Brendan Ormsby is the fans’ voice. Yet, to keep his column in the YEP, which is dependant on his access to LUFC, he has to be ‘on message’ for the Club – Bates is notorious for banning commentators who are critical of him.
      Phil Hay, the Chief Sports Writer for the YEP, in his published articles, says much the same as Ormsby. He writes, “His [Simon Grayson’s] attitude as far I can tell was that if he couldn't sign his preferred options, he'd rather not sign for the sake of it.”
      However, Phil Hay, in his weekly ‘Live Web Chat’ is less guarded. Last week he wrote, “I'd never back against Leeds at Elland Road. But in all honesty, how many of you are thinking that second place is still a possibility? The play-offs look to me like Leeds United's limit (which is no criticism at all).” Earlier in the season, Phil Hay tipped Leeds for an auto place.
      Ken Bates may have said, “There was money to work with” but none of us knows how much. Ken Bates probably still thinks that players’ wages ought to be £20 a week!
      Leeds has a good team. It is one of the best attacking sides in the Championship, but it also has one of the worst defensive records. It must be as obvious to Simon Grayson as it is to us, that the side needs strengthening in defence and defensive midfield.
      Like you, Peter, I bet we see a CB and CM come in before the end of Feb on loan, but I fear it will be too little too late. Like Phil Hay, I think the play-offs are now the limit of Leeds’ potential. To use Alan’s favourite word, we have fuskced around for too long.

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      • On the subject of Fushcing around, Leeds is reported to be trying out DMs. One is Michael Stewart, 30, a hard tackling (red card) player with a chequered career. Another is a French player, believed to be Ousmane Dabo, 34. If it is Dabo, he is famous only for being chinned by Joey Barton at Man City.
        As much as I want to be positive about Leeds' ambition, when I consider these potential signings, and read that Bates thinks we could finish 6th or 7th in the League (what ambition is 7th!) I despair.

    • Oh to be wrong, and have your optimism proved right! Anything, anything, just go for promotion as if you mean it, please!