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  • Well we lost on Ousmane Dabo, he has signed for the MLS, and I personally think he would have been a good player to get in for six months...

    Now, we wait and see with Stewart, who I also believe could do a useful job.. Could be the nuggety type of guy we need in the mould of Ian Snodin (as Ormsby suggests)

    So out of Johnson, Stewart & Southern, who would you take?

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    • Who the heck is Eric Lichaj?
      Anyone know anything?
      American internationals seem to do ok min the EPL but not so good in the championship, but what do I know!!

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      • I had no idea Leeds had signed Eric Lichaj when I posted about Larry getting defensive cover in... As a member of the Villa squad, the guy has to be okay. Whether he'll be up to speed with the team for the Bristol game is another matter. Bristol has improved since our last match (with them) and will put Lichaj under pressure - they have good attacking options. It will be a tough game. We need a result. If our back five hold, with our attack (assuming no more missed chances!), the result will be another important win for Leeds!

    • I have read most of the info that Andy has provided and if it was up to me I would take all three!
      Johnson obviously has the right credentials, Southern can do a job for Larry, and Stewart (although described as disruptive influence at Forest - that was 2003, and he should be a more mature guy now) again can do a job if needed.
      However, I am still mystified by the lack of desire to use Nunez.
      Well done to JH last night by the way as he looks like he aquitted himself well for 30 minutes.

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      • In addition to a defensive midfielder, we also need cover (if not strengthening) in defence. Connelly picked up an injury and is one yellow away from a two match ban. I know we have Bromby and Parker, both good players, but neither are natural RBs. I'd be surprised if Larry doesn't bring a loan defender in this week.
        As much as I would like to see Nunez play (is he on international duty again?), without dropping Howson, it is difficult to see how he would fit into the team.
        Yes, Bryan, as you say, "well done Johnny Howson". Quite a few of our players are acquitting themselves well. I am pleased that we have a good team developing.

    • It is confusing. I was hoping we could get Johnson but, having read that he has been named as one of Man City's 25, didn't think that deal likely. Then I read this article in the York Press about the behind closed doors friendly Leeds played with York City on Monday (http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/yorkcityfc/8839371.More_Leeds_United_youngsters_could_be_sent_to_York_City/v) which says, “Leeds included on-loan Manchester City midfielder and former England Under-21 international Michael Johnson in their side”. So I am still hoping.

      Southern, fits the bill and is a player Larry will know well, but Blackpool Chair, Karl Oysten, was not happy about Larry's move to Leeds and may be blocking a loan deal. Also, Southern has started playing around the Blackpool team again.

      That leaves Stewart. I don't know a lot about the guy. He seems to have a reputation for hard tackling (and picking up red cards!) and may be, as you say, "the nuggety type of guy we need". However, fans on other boards (not always wise to trust what they say) report him as a disruptive influence - e.g. "Forest fan in peace ... Michael Stewart came to us on loan in 2003 from Man Utd. He succeeded in peeing off most of our squad, and David Johnson actually belted him. He [Stewart] went back to Manchester after a month. Avoid him!"

      Who would you take, Peter?