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  • Leeds go to our south yorkshire cousins along with over 3000 fans on Saturday looking to do the double over the blades for the first time since i can remember!!
    I used to hate matches against this lot because they always seemed to beat us despite us being the "better" team, and Brammall Lane was always filled to the rafters which made it all the worse when we got beat because they knew how to rub it in.
    It will be interesting to see what sort of crowd turn up for this game because the team are struggling big time,but the sheff fans might turn out in numbers because its Leeds in town and know that they might not get this chance again for a long time. I think that they are going down this season, which is a shame as we need as many Yorkshire clubs as high up as possible.
    3 points is a must from this game, and when you look at the state of the blades squad, now minus the 2 players sent off last week, you cant see beyond a Leeds win.
    Even Mickey Adams is considering his position only a few months after landing his "dream" job at the club, which shows that there cant be much spirit within the camp if the manager is already looking to throw in the towel. To be honest ive never really rated him as a manager.
    Anyways we need to catch up with Norwich and put distance between us and 6th spot so we are at least certain of a playoff spot going into the final few games, and with Forest at ER next weekend its a great chance to get another win under the belt.
    The first clean sheet in ages was a god send for the defence, but we failed to score at home for the first time since Cardiff gave us the runaround in October. You could not have seen that one coming after all the goals we have been banging in lately.
    I hope SG starts with Becchio as he should be nice a fresh after his rest, and i would like to see Bannan start in place of Killkenny.
    Not predicting the score as usual but i see lots of goals, and all of them for Leeds.
    Happy 50th as well for the great man.

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    • Bad Day at the Office? Blimey! That was some understatement Bryan! Yesterday evening I was watching the Sportshow on Telly and they were interviewing the traininer of Dortmund and Mainz! The first thing that I noticed was the five day beard, then that one of them was dressed in jeans and a tracksuit top, the other was a little better but looked like he probably slept in his clothes the night before and this was normal, most of the Bundesliga Trainers look as if they never go home between matches never mind wash and shave, oh and sleep! That is in a league that play on average 40 - 45 games a year Cup games included! they talk over here of an English Week, when, when they have to play twice in one week! Track records they do NOT break! hamburg got flattened last week 6 - 0 by bayern last week, they sacked their Sporting director and this week they hammered Cologne 6 - 2! Funny game Football! When I asked about SG`s full time job I was NOT joking! In comparison to the guys over here he is a sleeping pill!

    • It really was a bad day at the office!!
      Not only was the result bad, but we were terrible against one of the weakest teams in the league. On top of which the other results were favourable to us and we could have been right back in the auto promo race instead of still hanging on to a top six spot.
      If we ever do make it to the EPL Larry will have to improve his skills or he will be out of a job, and at the moment his P45 is looming closer.
      At the moment I will give him the benefit of the doubt as the players could have collectively had a bad day, but now they have a 2 week rest coming up, and if we don't go on a sustained run to the end of the season then I fear the worse may occur next season and we will be one of the leagues struggler's.
      We are all aware that Larry's tactics are naive, but if he is good then he will get better - but he is running out of time.
      Let's hope we are going to get a close run in like last year and that the result will be the same.
      However, I am not holding my breath!!

    • Jeeze, everything Larry did today looked as if he wanted us to lose!] Maybe he did Andy, maybe he did! By the by, is this his full time job? Just wondered, because I thought he might only be available two or three days a week like! Judging by his performances and his lack of preparation before games that might be the reason, or?

    • Frustration and infuriation, Easy. This was A BAD DAY FOR LEEDS
      The Blades match was like a mirror image of the two teams’ League standings: the relegation candidates, Sheffield United, being the better side! How could Leeds, chasing promotion, play so poorly in such an important game!
      Larry’s excuses for Leeds failings are getting tiresome – “the players didn’t perform, they didn’t track, chase, or harry”; “individual errors cost us”; “the horrible, ‘bobbly’ pitch stopped us playing”; “the players played as individuals and not as a team”; “in this League, any team can beat any other”… After poor performances by Leeds, Larry trots out the same, or similar, excuses. None ever addresses his own failings.
      Of course, no manager will say, publically, ‘I got it wrong’ but, privately, Larry has to look at his own failings if the Whites are now to recover from this ‘bad day for Leeds’.
      IMO, Larry makes the same mistakes consistently. He is too predictable in his team selections and tactics, and this lets rival managers plan their strategy for taking Leeds apart. He does not do his homework on the strengths and weaknesses of rival teams and, consequently, has no plan to exploit opportunities or make the most of the threats we can pose. He is too conservative in his team selections and substitutions; usually sticking with his ‘favourites’, even when they are obviously tired, and not rotating the squad to ensure it is fresh for each match.
      [FFS. Why use Snoddy when he has looked tired in his last three games! Why move Howson to the right! Why introduce Watt so late! Why put Paynter on ahead of Somma! Why even play McCartney! Jeeze, everything Larry did today looked as if he wanted us to lose!]
      All these ‘mistakes’ link and lead to one, or all, of three conclusions: one, Larry is not a creative thinker; two, he is not in control of the squad; and three, he is scared of the Leeds Board and does not push to get the players he really needs.
      Investment in personnel in the close season or during the January transfer window, to solve the team’s weaknesses in defence and midfield, that every fan could see that the side needed, did not happen. If fans can see the problems, it is a sure bet that the manager knew what needed changing. Yet, instead of demanding new signings, it seems that Larry kowtowed to the Leeds Board’s funny money restraints and now we are suffering the outcome.
      The irony is that Doyle was brilliant for the Blunts -why did Larry get rid of him?

    • Second or Third, it is not going to happen, and that comment has nothing to do with sour grapes, just total unadultrated frustration!

    • 'Good post, Jez! The Blades' match should be a win for Leeds but it's best not to count our chickens. Sheff U is struggling, it has players suspended, a virus in the camp, and a manager on the verge of quitting yet, with Leeds' luck, this is just the kind of opportunity we are likely to blow.
      I'd like to see a comprehensive 0-6 victory but would settle for a, more likely, 1-2 narrow win.

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      • As Jez so apptly put it Andy, a one nil win would do just fine, just so long as it is a WIN! Thing is 1 - 0 is just the thing to bring on a mass coronary within the ranks of the Leeds faithful!
        80 minutes of nail biting after scoring an early goal is what I got used to watching England play Germany, then they lost! Talking of Germany, the Bundesliga at the moment is like a hen house with Managers/Trainers changing around, being fired and hired before the ink is dry! Mayhem!

      • You all know how I feel about local derbies - they are the hardest matches we have.
        Let's hope we can do to the Blades what we did to Donny!!
        I am still mystified by Larry's team selection - Nunez still a none starter, Bannan obviously better than Kilkenny at the moment, Becchio not appearing too much, Somma almost out of things.
        What's going on?

    • Three points is a MUST from this game? Jez, oh Jez you know what happens to "MUST" games! They are invariably disappointing! You mentioned in an earlier post the number of goals scored against us, Alan mentioned it also and Andy talks about the predictability of Larry! What are the headlines before we take on Sheffield United? Not Larry prepares for the Final Countdown, or bring on the Blades we`ll blunt their ardour! No, oh no, its "Nobody knows who Owns Leeds United"! The Hull board is all about Mr PNE Brown, not a peep about their game with Norwich! This weekend could set the pointer for the outcome of the season! If it goes well we can be laughing kitbags, if if all goes arsen about tite then we all know what that means! In Hull they talk of the Allams, the Pearsons! In Leeds it all about Bates! The name is going into my little black book of names to remember with horror!

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      • Suppose every game is a "MUST" now easy so i hope they dont dissapoint, but scrappy 1-0 wins would do for me right now if it means we get 2nd or go up by the playoffs.
        Yeah the gloss has been taken off this fixture by them MP's sticking their noses in the trough wanting to know who "owns" Leeds. Funny how they are wanting to know all about Leeds ownership when we dont seem to have done anything illegal, but yet they cant get their own house in order!
        In days gone by this was a big fixture and was built up as a clash of 2 of the biggest teams in Yorkshire for bragging rights, but its all very quiet for this one.