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  • The last game against QPR on 7th May could turn out have much greater significance if they are deducted points at their hearing on 3rd May. No doubt if they do get points taken off them they will appeal which means that it could effect the whole play off and promotion places as it is so close to the season end.
    Typical of the F.A to plan this as badly as they have, despite having known about this for the best part of 2 years.
    Imagine if they have points taken off them, we beat them on the last game to clinch 2nd spot, but the points are returned after appeal and we end up in the play offs!!!
    It could only happen to us i suppose. Anyway lets see what comes from this hearing, you never know the FA might actually come to our help for once!!

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    • Ooops! "QPR needed to gain promotion to the Premier League in order to avoid relegation to the Championship, and not League 1" should read: QPR needed to gain promotion... in order to BE RELEGATED BACK to the Championship...

    • Many think that the FA has screwed up by delaying the decision until the last week of the season. However, it may be deliberate and the right way to have handled the situation.
      Consider the Swindon example from 1990. Although, before the end of season play-offs, the FA knew the charges against Swindon, it allowed the season to run its course, with all teams trying their best. Some might say it was cruel to Swindon fans to let them think their team had won promotion. However, had Swindon lost in the play-offs, they would have been relegated to Division Three (what became League One), instead of back to Division Two (what became the Championship) – basically, Swindon faced a one division relegation as a penalty, regardless of how it finished up.
      If the FA is using the Swindon ruling as a precedent (which litigious owners of competitor clubs will insist it does), it follows that it will give no indication of a points deduction to QPR before the season ends, so that all teams play to their potential without bringing the integrity of this Championship season into question. Following the Swindon precedent, QPR needed to gain promotion to the Premier League in order to avoid relegation to the Championship, and not League 1.
      Consider if, in March, QPR had received a 10-point or 30-point penalty, or even relegation as a punishment. How would this have affected its approach to remaining matches? Therefore, it is appropriate for the FA to delay its hearing, and findings, until the end of the season so that, assuming no points will be deducted, all sides play to the best of their abilities and can have no complaints of unfair advantage when the decision is made.

    • What a mess! What a tangled web they weave. The FA should be charged for bringing the game into disrepute and accept a dose of their own legislature. They have been aware of the dealings and all the subsequent ramifications from the start of the current season yet they wait until now to start to define a suitable punishment if indeed QPR are found guilty. Unfortunately if QPR are found guilty the people who really suffer are the die-hard fans and to some extent the playing staff. Given the present situation with one game left to play plus the play off scenario with both QPR and Norwich already promoted on merit. The most sensible conclusion but not necessary the fairest should be that QPR continue in a promoted status and accept a 15 point deduction at the start of next season with a clause inserted that should they be relegated at the end of the next campaign, then they should forfeit any parachute payments on offer. Additionally and more to the point the current members of The QPR BOD if found guilty of improper dealing should be suspended sine die.

    • I wouldnt put it past KB to have something already lined up if he is not happy with the punishment dished out to QPR.
      As you point out Andy Swindon Town got hammered for dodgy dealings, and QPR are alleged to have forged documents to the F.A which in itself is a serious charge, but when you add the charges about unlicensed agents, and 3rd party ownership they could be in for a nasty shock.
      For once the FA might just do us a favour, but i cant see them docking more than 15 points if they are found guilty. One thing to come out of all this though is why has the FA left it so late in the day to bring this to the table? Its shocking that the whole promotion and play off situation could be up in the air for however long it takes for QPR to exhaust all avenues of appeal. The clubs who are in the playoff positions will want to get it out of the way so they know if they are going to be playing in the EPL next season so they can buy players to add to their squads. What a mess!!!

    • Forget it, Jez! The FA has delayed because it has already decided on its verdict. QPR will get a small fine. End of!