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    Bates and mates 1-0 LUFC

    I am not even going to mention Larry’s team selection and tactics for the important game against Palace.
    Based on performances since Christmas, it is now certain that Leeds will not gain promotion in 2011. On the up side, the dodgy owners of our club will not be subject, apparently, to scrutiny by the EPL; and Bates’ five-year plan for Leeds, which avoids paying creditors, will stay on-track!
    Given that Leeds attained second spot in the Championship at Christmas and looked set for promotion, two questions arise. One, is Larry an incompetent manager, unable to sign needed players and organise the team and its tactics to succeed? Two, is Larry in Bates’ pocket, organising the team to fail in order to suit Leeds owners’ dark motives?
    Answers to either of the questions above do not bode well for Larry’s future as Leeds’ manager. A young manager may be excused for making some mistakes but not as many as Larry has made. On the other hand, if he has failed deliberately, in order to comply with Leeds’ owners’ wishes, he may retain support from Bates for a while but when Leeds fans turn against Larry, he would be a fool to think Bates will support him for long.
    Football clubs that retain managers for the long-term tend to do better than those with short-term policies but, with Leeds fans now suspecting that Larry has sold out or is incompetent, it is hard to see him hanging on as manager until 2013, in line with Bates’ plan.
    The irony is, that with the Football League admitting it does not know who owns Leeds United, ownership transparency (and all the problems it may or may not bring for Leeds), regardless of promotion, will be demanded.

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    • Machiavellian Mischief from the Monaco Mercenery? The plot thickens and so does his wallet no doubt!

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      • Tom, welcome to the board and thanks for posting your 'tongue-in-cheek' comment. I know from what you have said in response to general news articles about Leeds that you do not take kindly to criticism about any aspect Leeds United (like a true Leeds fan). Like you, every contributor to this board wants the best for LUFC, we just like to discuss our team's strengths and weaknesses as part of the craic in supporting Leeds.

    • Well,I am a disappointed fan but we should not overreact to another bit of adversity.Some of the letters regarding our seventh place failure remind me of kids writing to Santa after failing to find their much sought after present in their stocking.The unpredictability of the Championship would drive Mystic Meg into retirement(where is she now?)The case for the defence is obviously weak but serious loss of form and injuries mitigate against judging Simon too harshly.Even the bookies were relieved when Leicester and Middlesbrough failed maintain favourites status.A full squad supplemented by strong defensive acquisitions and on loan youngsters returning(I have seen real potential in Tom Lees,Aidy White and Adam Clayton)will according to Meg ensure a return to the Premier League and satisfy even the souls of the disgruntled Victor Meldrews who inhabit Elland Road on matchdays.

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      • Ian, you make some good points and, like you, all Leeds fans are disappointed by the way in which our first season back in the Championship has panned out - especially when benchmarked against Norwich.
        We all know that our team cannot win every game and, therefore, accept some disappointment. However, even the most 'optimistic' (or optimystic Megs) amongst our supporters have to accept that some of Larry's team selections, formations, and tactics have been bizarre and caused us to lose vital games.

    • Agreed, I think there was a big plan where Leeds and Uncle ken were involved, a Big Plan that is coming to fruition!!!!