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  • Today, Ken Bates announced that he has taken ownership of the club. Transparency at last, though will it lead to further tightening of the purse strings... Still hoping for a foreign investor this summer!!!

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    • I really hope Uncle Ken is not hiding anything??? I would hate it for us to be docked points or worse. See link


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      • If Ken Bates can return Leeds United to being a successful Premiership and/or European Championship club then, as a Leeds fan, I do not care much about how he does it.
        Cheating and corruption, it seems, is now the norm in football and amongst its governing bodies. On that basis, having a tricky operator like Ken Bates at the helm of our club should be good for Leeds United. However, as trickiness depends on deception and we live in an open, online media world where transparency is inevitable, I fear the consequences of Ken Bates’ opaque dealings when they come to light and result, again, in Leeds United being penalised.
        Ken Bates has set up a complex web around his ownership of Leeds United. It will only be a matter of time before demands for clearer answers to questions such as, why did the anonymous owners of Leeds United sell to Ken Bates. How much did Ken Bates pay (an “undisclosed sum” is not transparency)? Who, other than Ken Bates did the ‘owners’ try to sell the club to, and if not why? How did Ken Bates finance the deal when he has stated that he “did not have cash; his wealth is mostly tied up in assets”? Who received the payment (i.e. who were those mysterious beneficiaries of the discretionary trusts)? Did Ken Bates still own the club after he put it into administration to write-off its debts?
        The answers to these questions are likely to expose an assortment of problems – ‘a can of worms’! If/when the answers are revealed, it will not be Ken Bates who carries the can (he will be untouchable in Monaco); it will be Leeds United facing another points deduction; or exclusion from Europe, or having ‘drip down’ money for TV rights withdrawn.
        Having Ken Bates as our ‘saviour’ may be good but should come with the warning: “HE SHOULD HAVE A LONG SPOON THAT SUPS WITH THE DEVIL”