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    The time of year is almost upon us where the speculation of who is going out and coming in becomes frenzied. If we were to re-sign either Kilkenny or Johnson, this could almost be treated like a new signing, as we have all been resigned to losing both of these players on free transfers. Whilst neither is perfect, both have played crucial roles at times this season, and would be a welcome renewal. BJ's passing, pace and passion all need to gain consistency, while Kilkenny's fitness and goal scoring ability need drastic work, but I would be delighted to renew either contract.

    The limited involvement of players with undoubted potential or quality, such as Sam, Somma, Clayton, Nunez, McCormack, White and Lees makes their availability almost like signing a new player as well.

    The club has been suitably ruthless in axing Naylor and Higgs, and suitably sensible in signalling intent to extend Kisnorbo's contract. In our current squad, a decent offer would likely see Bessone, Parker, Connolly, Paynter, Grella, Bruce and Bromby depart, and the likes of Gradel, Howson, Snodgrass and Becchio will surely be targetted in big money moves by Premiership sides.

    We could well end up with a brand new looking squad by the end of August 2011, and thus SG's greatest challenge yet, as he embarks on the mission of ensuring squad happiness and togetherness is present.

    Signing the right No. 2 GK is not likely to hog the headlines this summer, but it is quite possibly our most important signing. When Higgs and the on-loan Jason Brown stepped in this year, Leeds suffered and dropped points which ultimately cost us. Signing a GK who is good enough to regularly play at Championship level if required, yet knows he has to work hard to usurp Kasper, will be a delicate balancing act. Do you go for an elder statesmen with experience, or a hungry youngster keen to make the next step up? Suggestions?

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    • I can see Snodgrass going to norwich for £4 million but would like to see Holt come the other way, they have just signed 2 forwards in Vaughn and Morrison and I don't think Holt could do a job in the EPL but is good enough in Championship, Gradel is looking likely to go to Newcastle although I've heard a wisper Sunderland are likely to bid for him as well, not a good start to the pre season losing 2 of our better players, lets hope Uncle Ken will release some funds to strenghten, highly unlikely though, rumours are Earnshaw is on his way personally I'd rather have Nathan Tyson, lets hope Kisnorbo's fit and with the young Tom Lees I think our back line will no doubt be one of the strongest funny to say that after the season we just had, will need some fire power though looks like there all leaving.

    • Ha ha aye gan on then ya can av em both for £15 million pooonds haway the lads like...

    • Aye, lotto. we'll tek the pair of em as a job lot. The 2 bonny lads'll fit the bill perfect out on St James.

    • I see Borewich are trying to sign snoddy cheeky monkeys, and a bid for Gradel (Geordies) apparently.

    • 'Fair point, Tom. Next term Larry may have to rely on some of the players he has been holding back.

    • Sorry lads but the comment was supposed to be analogous with respect to midfield players already signed and HUNG out to dry at other clubs ref: Nunez and Clayton. Thanks for the tip H if I do go for a dip in said region I'll have a shave and get rid of the Tunic first.

    • If ever you swim ashore at Hartlepool, Tom, give them my name before they get the rope out.
      H---monkey speech therapist.

    • Peter, this is another excellent post; you sum up the issues for next term well. However, from now until the start of next season all we have to discuss is the rumour mill. So far, this is what I have heard:
      Max Kruse (another striker!) from a German club is one target player I have heard about a couple of times.
      Others are:
      Colin Doyle
      Neal Eardley (RB), Billy Jones (CB/ RB /LB)
      David Murphy (LB), Stuart Parnaby (RB), Andrew Taylor (LB), Eric Lichaj (RB);
      Keith Southern (DCM), Julio Arca (DMC/ LM/ LB), Giles Barnes (CM), Neil Danns (CM), Hal Robson-Kanu (LM/ RM/ Striker);
      Victor Anichebe, Simon Cox.
      (I can only think that acquiring more strikers when we already have plenty is that, as 'commodities', they are easier to sell)
      Speculating about rumours is fun now, in the close season, but when the pre-season starts, having players in place who can make a difference next term is a serious matter if Leeds wants promotion.
      Going with Bates' business plan (that has Leeds returning to the EPL in 2013 - thus having us firing blanks for another season), is sure to p' off Leeds fans and probably result in losing Simon Grayson as our manager.

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      • I would be happy with Simon Cox coming but i don't think Bates would pay a substancial fee which would be in excess of £2 million, there is some good free signings and if they want to come to Leeds to play regular football and get the team back in the EPL then all well and good i would like this as my starting X1
        1/ Keiran Westwood(free coventry)
        2/Billy Jones(free preston)
        3/Aiden White
        4/ Tom Lees
        5/Paddy Kisnorbo
        6/Michael Brown(free Pompey)
        7/Keith Southern(free Blackpool)
        8/Johnny Howson
        9/Max Gradel
        10/Luciano Becchio
        11/Rob Snodgrass
        With this team we'd have a very good chance of making it to the EPL any comments Gents.

      • Well it's nearly time for me to join in the fun!
        In all fairness to Larry he brought in players whom he thought would improve the squad, but turned out to be duds. Bessone, Paynter, Mcormack, Mcartney. O'Brien will be slower next season so we will need to remove quite a few and bring in a lot as the squad was too small from January onwards.
        On top of that Killkenny looks certain to go, Johnson could go if anyone is daft enough to give him a job (although he was one of the few who did well in the 2nd half of the season, as he was putting himself in the shop window), Schmeichel, Snodgrass & Howson could all be the subject of bids (which may tempt Uncle Ken to line his pockets), so what does that leave us with?
        One hell of a problem if you ask me. I know it's too early to say anything, but we could be doing a Middlesborough next year. Larrys job is safe I reckon as he looks as though he is behaving like Bates' puppet, which is fine by me as I think he will turn into the best long term managerial prospect for us if he is given the funds to produce a team capable of going places. I know he has been naive at times, but we don't know the underlying story.
        Everything will unfold over the next couple of months, so at least there is something to look forward to.

    • There are whispers that Kasper might be on his way to the premiership, and if Blackburn get relegated then Robbo might move to Leeds as he has expressed his desire to come back and play for us.
      Of course this is probably just speculation, but its a situation i wouldnt mind see happen. Kasper is a great shot stopper but his command of his area is still to be developed, and he is still shaky whenever crosses come into the box.
      You make a good point though about us needing a quality number 2 keeper but who is there out there?
      Look at QPR whose number 2 played against us last weekend, and for me looked very poor. All decent keepers want to be numero uno which is why many clubs struggle with cover in this position, including Leeds.

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      • Enter the summer silly season Jez and as always speculation is rife. Whispers here, rumours there. End of season celebrations going on and the Hokey Cokey is in full swing. Left leg in as they say and SG boots them out... Rumour has it also of a Chinese Whisper that a massive oriental take over is on the cards involving Hong Kong restaurant entrepreneurs Yang Shang and Did Lee PO. Hopefully if successful Bates and Mates will be on the take away menu!... As Easyrider260 would say “Wishful thinking”….. Me thinks I’m off my noodle and time to go. Ah well there’s always a trip to Menston for the summer hols to recuperate.

      • I have heard the same rumours Jez, just like the Smith situation its all speculation, I think Kasper is still learning he is young and I think a lot of fans think he should be like his dad only time will tell and that could be years, I think it is too early for him to make the step up, but Robbo would be a great signing, I don't think we will be too far short next season Howson will hopefully put a bit more beef on as he matures, and I do believe Nunez will be a bonus (though he has that Kilkenny I do't put my foot in attitude.
        I also think some of the youth will be pushing again a bit like all those years ago when the likes of Smith Whelan Kelly Forrester etc came through. I would be happy if Johnson signed if he carried on with his current form but sadly I don't rate him, like you say he needs to put in extra training to work on his passing.