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    Ken Bates

    Amongst Leeds fans, the subject of Ken Bates usually evokes a ‘Marmite’ love him or hate him reaction. On this board, I have often been critical about Ken Bates’ opaque dealings while, I hope, giving him credit for what is due to him in terms of his football business acumen, and often endearingly blunt statements about how he 'sees' things.
    From his most recent radio interview (see http://www.leedsunited-mad.co.uk/news/tmnw/ken_bates_interview_with_yorkshire_radio_677614/index.shtml) I think Ken Bates should head up our FA – if anyone can outsmart Blatter it would be our Ken!
    Never having met Ken Bates, I cannot say whether I love him or hate him – however, if I were inviting guests to a dinner party, I would not put Ken on the list as I suspect he may talk more than he listens!
    Nevertheless, in the context of football as it is today, Ken Bates’ tight financial management practice is definitely one for the future. With a handful of mega clubs hogging the top spots, propped-up by serious debt issues, and/or having their star players’ infeasible wages underwritten by multimillionaire owners, and EUFA (if not the FA) likely to introduce ‘fair play’ players’ wage caps, Ken Bates’ low players’ wages/high ticket prices model is (ahem) visionary!

    See http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/may/19/premier-league-finances-black-hole

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    • Hull manager Nigel Pearson will look to bolster his squad with as many as seven more summer signings, according to head of football operations Adam Pearson.The Tigers have already done deals for Manchester United pair Joe Dudgeon and Corry Evans this week. WHAT HAS KEN BATES DONE?????

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      • Easy, the question is not "what has Ken Bates done?" - this has always been shrouded in mystery - but "what will Ken Bates do?".
        The suspicion that Ken Bates, as the former Chelsea owner and a bitter rival, bought Leeds to exact revenge is a perception problem that he has to address if he wants Leeds fans to believe in his stewardship.
        So far, in his on/off/on, dodgy tenure as 'owner', Ken has done little to assure Leeds fans that he has the best interests of our club as the focus of his dealings - many fans proclaim Ken as 'our saviour' but in 'saving' Leeds all Ken really did was out manoeuvre other buyers in a grab for what was at the time a bargain football brand.
        Ken may talk up a storm in his programme notes but, until he puts his money where his mouth is, whatever he says can only be seen as cant.

      • Well, Ken Bates isn't the Leeds manager (though one suspects a ventriloquist's relationship) so he has done nothing - but neither has Larry... Although, there is a rumour that we are close to signing the Ivory Coast midfielder Gott Lobeer!