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  • Lottolee Lottolee May 24, 2011 01:42 Flag

    Ken Bates

    Defo a good beer that lol! On the Bates saga, Leeds was there for the taking and he took full advantage of a club in dire need of saving, yes I thank him for that but he also diced with getting Leeds docked points or thrown out of the league, the pricing at Leeds is serious he has gambled again remember he said "IF PEOPLE WANT TO COME AND WATCH LEEDS UNITED THEN THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR IT" and we certainly did that and are still doing it....
    Yes than fans will come and flock when we are doing well but there has to be a limit that people reach as myself who has to pick and choose matches as I can't afford at this moment in time inflated prices..
    Owners have to think now that football is a product and if that product is rubbish you would take it back, complain or not return to have or see it again, it is no longer your £3 to get in watch the match and go out on the night whether thats out for a meal or out on the you know what!!!!!!!!
    I have been to many a match when ive thought god that was abysmal i knew i should of gone golfing lol, but no I stick with my team hoping for better as we pay for better so we should expect better RANT OVER...........

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