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  • Smudge Smudge Jun 20, 2011 15:21 Flag

    More players exit the club

    Leeds now have accepted a £1 million bid for Kasper Schmecial that leaves us with a total of 0 goalkeepers are we now a selling club no more a club on the up rumours are rife that QPR or Swansea will bid £1.5 million for Max Gradel and Norwich ready to come back in for Snodgrass its looking really grim for Leeds

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    • I'd heard the rumours about Westwood signing and if so it is a fantastic bit of business but with a few EPL Teams looking at him I'd be very suprised he'd choose Leeds over them unless the other rumours are true about Bowyer 99% done and Smith and Woodgate accepting a pay as you play deal Westwood might just change his mind and think we are looking forward instead of being a selling club, at the moment I'm dubious but really hopeful don't think my heart could take another relegation. Lets just hope SG as got some fires burning

    • The end is nigh!! So says the sandwich board carried around Elland Road!!!
      This time last year this board was full of enthusiasm for the signings we were making and the speculation as to who was coming in.
      This year all we are hearing is that our best players are about to leave, and we are making no signings.
      Schmeichel going is pure madness!! Gradel and Snodgrass will be even more madness!!
      We will be left with a team that would be lucky to survive in the lower reaches of division 2.
      One can only assume that KB has bled the coffers dry, and with the lower gates that can be expected this season due to the poor results we will obtain, I can see nothing but doom and gloom on the horizon.
      I am ready to support my team in the Evo Stik league which will surely beckon in the next year or two after Bates puts us into administration again to ensure he retains his lot.
      For a team as proud as ours this is worse than Ridsdale and all his barmy maneuverings.
      How on earth can you let a top class keeper go to Leicester, for a pittance. surely even Bates can see that the lad was worth trying to keep hold of at surely a wage demand that we could afford as easily as Leicester. Sometimes you have to go that extra mile to achieve what you want, and Bates obviously is not prepared to run it! at 80 some years that is hardly surprising and now he should be put down like a good horse.

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      • There speaks the Voice of Sanity!

      • Last night, news feeds were buzzing about Leicester making a bid of £1.25M for Kasper Schmeichel. Given the excitement that Kasper’s signing generated in the early part of the close season last year, and that he has become one of our star players, I expected today’s news to be ‘Leeds reject Sven’s approaches’. I am shocked.
        What is happening behind the scenes at Elland Road? Why did Leeds sell Kasper so readily? Did Leicester increase its offer to one Leeds could not refuse – if so, what was that offer and why is it ‘undisclosed’. Additionally, why sell Kasper to a rival Championship club when, surely, Premiership clubs would be interested in him?
        Kasper says he wants to stay at Leeds and is ‘surprised by the Leicester move’.
        Summat’s not right!

    • Gotta pay for the hotel and executive boxes somehow.... On a lighter note its a wage less that might go towards Smith, Bowyer or Woody, all three? I still can't imagine Bowyer and Woody together but who knows, rumours are strong that Bowyer is coming and that would be a great coup.

    • If we sign the boy Westwood from Coventry on a free then this is a great piece of business by SG. Kasper is a great shot stopper, but does not command his area enough for me, and Westwood is an ideal replacement. To sell a player for a decent amount and then get a replacement in for free is something that will have Ken salivating into his caviar, so there is every possibility that this will happen, and also talk of Jason Brown coming back on a permanent deal as our number 2 keeper.
      On the topic of Snoddy and Max, my brother was talking to Paul Connelly at the weekend, and he said to ignore the rumours about these 2 players as they are going nowhere.
      So before you get too down and despondent Smudge lets see what happens in the next few weeks, you never know some rich arab with a liking for Yorkshire puddings might come and relieve KB of his duties and do us all a favour!!

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      • So before you get too down and despondent Smudge lets see what happens in the next few weeks, you never know some rich arab with a liking for Yorkshire puddings might come and relieve KB of his duties and do us all a favour!! Jez oh Jez! Have you been reading 1001 Tales from Arabian Nights or something?

      • The time to criticise SG on lack of imports will be after the end of this month when all the known "escapees" are off the wage bill. I have faith that SG has a few up his sleeve and feel sure they will appear after the salary deadline. Pointless loading the wage bill prior to the end of June,(big cheer from KB) let's wait and see and hope that the incoming players solve our problems! On the KS issue I agree Jez that it is good business to move him on and go for KW who IMO is a better all-round keeper than Kasper, plus the fact Westwood is easier to spell !