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  • Tom Tom Jul 1, 2011 19:50 Flag

    Deals or No Deals?..That is the question.

    All quiet on the transfer front Andy, nary a sound of pen scribbling over the proverbial dotted line. The dust of anticipation falls slowly at the close of another day. Disappointment and futility sinks in as thousands of faithful fans search the media in vain for elusive news . Oh what the hell, nothing new then. For we are Leeds and hope is in short supply these days but as ever the glass of wishful thinking should always remain half full,slurp, slurp .Yet in this time of stagnation and woe let’s spare a thought and raise a glass for our nearest but not dearest neighbours, Pillbottle Town. The irony is that they have an owner worthy of the title who has backed his manager and supporters to the hilt and yet they can’t hold their best and are stuck in the mould now of signing freebies and journeymen. Ah well! There we have, it or not.

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    • Lack of ambition will destroy the club as surely as eggs are veggs! The lack of ambition will stop players wanting to come and speed up players wanting to leave! All players want to be seen to be in a winning and ambitious team its good for their market value! Nobody want to sell themselves short, or?

    • As you say what defines a big club? Well I still see us as a giant, no not a sleeping one, we have proved that given success,we can fill the ground and probably match the geordies 50k which would put us up with the big boys, I still see us as a top 6 club, but you need to be ambitious.

    • Tom, I think the old fashioned phrase was "it's come to a pretty pass". It has come to a pretty pass when Leeds supporters start to admire the ambition of their local rivals.
      Bates and Grayson (Grayson in particular as an avowed Leeds fan) must know how they are winding up supporters with this repeat pattern of no news, no signings, false promises bullshit - it was the same last year and during the January transfer window this year. Why do you think they are doing it? Leeds' greatest asset is its fans and this management regime is not only pissing us off but driving us away - already there is talk on supporters' boards about boycotting games.
      Bates may want to wait until 2013 (to suit his financial interests) before Leeds makes a serious push for promotion to the Premiership but we have the 2011/12 season to get through first. If nothing is delivered this coming term, he can forget any ambition he may have for the Club in the future; and forget platitudes about the glass being half full - the glass will be smashed!

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      • Andy there’s nothing bad or disloyal in giving credit where credit is due. Maybe we would not be in such a state if SG had the same backing and support that Clarke had over the last couple of years. I remain optimistic about our future and see no virtue in the opposite. My glass will continue to be half full and will not be allowed to be spilled or smashed. I still believe SG is the man for the job. Judge him in two weeks time when funds will be replenished from the salaries saved from outgoing players. I have heard from a reliable source that a new shirt sponsorship deal has been secured and for a significantly larger sum than first anticipated.