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  • Jez Jez Jul 2, 2011 18:22 Flag

    Makes you wonder......

    My friends brother in law is best mates with Nick Montgomery and this is what he had to say yesterday.
    Leeds have approached him and offered him a contract which is less money than he is on at Sheff United and he described the attitude of the Leeds management team as "arrogant". He is still hopeful a deal can be done but it does not look likely.
    It does make you wonder why everyone is willing to let their contracts run down and then leave asap if what he is saying about the attitude of SG and his team is right. We all know KB is a tight wad, but this puts a different perspective on how SG operates and his man management skills.
    Lets see how this one unfolds over the coming weeks.

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    • Alan, I read the book a couple of years ago, mainly because I wanted to know how the heck they could have hired him in the first place! Prehaps i should read the book again!

    • Cloughie couldn't be blamed for the farcical situation back then. He had a massive ego which derived success but he was thrown amongst established egos which put the bars straight up. The club were to blame, they made the choice of him, they weren't man enough to back him up.----Look what he did at Forrest a while later.

    • Hi Dunster, did you break your laptop the same way I nearly broke mine? Namely trying to punch myself through the keyboard in answer to the goings on at Leeds and Mr Krap Bates in particular!

    • You underestimate this place my friend. This is the place where bus drivers are millionaires and so are hearse drivers, village market traders and basically anyone who did not waste his/her childhood away on an education.

      By comparison PhDs are queueing up for interviews to make what they laughingly call "their next career move" but which in reality is a desperate attempt to make ends meet on a pittance a year.

      Bear in mind that this is arguably the only place on earth without a Jewish presence because where trade and business are concerned they feel disadvantage and without hope of succeeding. £100 million: tish and pish I say. Let's talk real money!

    • At last, some news (even if it is from 'a friend-of-a-friend' source) about what goes on inside ER. It seems to confirm what we all suspect about Bates' arrogant, tight-fisted regime. It does not make me wonder, so much as despair.
      I hope this news is just Nick Montgomery expressing his frustrations at the Leeds Board's negotiation tactics, and that we can eventually sign him on decent terms.
      However, if the Board is as high-handed in all its dealings with players (as this report suggests) as it is with Leeds fans, we are only ever likely to sign those prepared to kiss Ken's and Larry's fat arses. We will end up with a team of malcontent players or ones lacking true grit.
      I do not believe that Leeds will make a serious challenge for promotion for as long as the Club is obliged to repay its CVA debts on its return to the Premiership. This obligation lasts five years. It will end in 2013.
      In this scenario, the only ambition Leeds has for the 2011/12 season is to hang on to a place in the Championship - it is hardly the stuff to inspire sell-out attendances at games and, unlike players, fans will have to pay for the privilege of kissing the Club's arse...underwriting the prawn sandwich, executive box brigade that Bates sees in his vision of Leeds' future.
      Oh, if only this scenario was not true! If we could believe that Leeds has genuine ambition to return to being a top six club soon, we would be marching on together. Sadly, Bates exploits Leeds fans' hopes and loyalty to keep us where he wants us (as an asset to be milked) whilst executing his own agenda.
      Before Don Revie, Leeds was a rugby city - which explains why it has only one football club. After Bates has finished with LUFC I can see all us football fans returning to supporting Leeds Rhinos. Which raises the question, "What, as the former owner of Chelsea and an avowed Leeds hater, was Bates' reason for buying Leeds United?"

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      • What, as the former owner of Chelsea and an avowed Leeds hater, was Bates' reason for buying Leeds United?" Thought I had answered that question already Andy! REVENGE! Bates did not want someone else coming in at the last minute to save the club and then put forward a five year plan to get back in the EPL! Simple, or? His way he will ensure that Leeds will not be able get back into the EPL in his lifetime! Possiby so destroy the club, its structure, fan base etc etc as to prevent any hope of someone else risking their money, EVER! PS Hull is a Two Rugby Club City and still has ambition for a Football Club!

      • Can you explain Andy why Bates would not want promotion because the club is obliged to repay its CVA debts on its return to the Premiership. We are given to believe via the media that promotion is worth in the region of 40 Million initially, surely that would be more than sufficient to erase that debt and still have enough in the pot to satisfy all.

      • Even Brighton are spending millions, I really hope Larry has a big pot to spend. Not too sure about Monty, I don't think he is any better than we have and he did not want to come last season, he's only after a good pay day, he won't get that off Master B...

      • I am afraid that you are right in all your summarising Andy.
        I am sure I have said earlier that we won't go anywhere this season, and my only fear is that we will be in Division one again.
        When Killkenny signs for Bristol City, and Johnson for Norwich you know something is wring at the financial end. Since when were those two clubs a better option to a player than LU?
        OK Johnson wanted an EPL club and the best he could do was Norwich (hardly surprising), but if these two clubs are offering better pay options than us the it looks like it will be many a year till the good times return.
        Surely someone must be friendly with an Arab sheikh or Russian oligarch to help us out of our predicament. Prince Albert of Monaco is a huge LU fan, so I better write to him after his honeymoon and see if he has any connections.
        Still chins up lads - first pre-season in a couple of weeks which might put the frightners up KB when we get thrashed 6-0 and force his hand into buying decent players.

    • Hope that you are wrong about SG Jez although occurrences over the season would suggest that what you say could have some truth eg "My way or no way concept" and his dealings with Bannan, Nunez, Clayton, Ross Mc etc.Maybe Bates is mentoring SG on ways to save money and placate the fans. After all Bates is the past master of both. SG evolving into son of Bates? Ghastly thought indeed! We should know very soon one way or the other.

    • Jez, I get the feeling here that it is more to do with the fact that SG has to be seen to be trying to sign players up but has been given the thumbs down by KB and told that he signs players up at his peril!