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  • Alan H Alan H Jul 5, 2011 22:06 Flag

    It Ain't Looking Good

    At the end of the day, guys, you can bang on about Bates for ever more but there's nowt going on apart from bags being packed. So whatever the club mindset is it's certainly not ambitious. There's a Hartlepool lad, good player, pissed off from the Boro to Cardiff because he wants to be in the premier, when there's Leeds a mere 45 minutes drive away with 25,000 loyal fans packing the ground out.----Sad.

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    • If you get pissed off after 5 games you can always take a meander up to the Stadium of Light to watch Man Utd reserves.

    • It Ain't Looking Good ! NOW that is an understatement Alan and SAD is not the word for whats happening here! Though Tom seems to be opting for cautious optimism with his comment on the remaining squad! maybe he is right, maybe we should all put away the Doom and Gloom for a bit, I know I am the worst person to say this as I have given more than my share of the old D&G, what the heck can`t get any worse, or can it?

    • This time last season Alan anticipation was in the air, that is now replaced with a degree of pessimism. I know that no significant signings have been made to date but apart from Leicester no one else in the Championship have signed more than a couple of new players! If you survey our present squad and discount the escapees it is the same group of players that just missed out on a top six place. The loss of Kilkenny and the over -hyped Johnson will not seriously weaken our position as I do believe that Clayton, Nunez and Ross Mc will step up to the plate this year given the opportunity. The attacking options are more than satisfactory providing grasper Bates does not cash in on Max or Snodders. The midfield lack a hard man and a ball player no more than that. Providing Kis stays fit then maybe a versatile experienced defender added to the squad would allow the young lads to be blooded. So in all maybe we don’t need wholesale additions just use what we have wisely SG (no more passionless loanees, no good in the long run for the club) what we have now have gained in experience over the last year and should be all the better for it. Parting word for Bates and SG, pay the going rate for prospective signings or as the saying goes “Pay peanuts get monkeys”

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      • Tom, your post is a fair, rational statement about the potential (realised and latent) of the Leeds squad as it stands – without losing more players and before signing others.
        We look at competitor sides, like Leicester and West Ham, and think, “they are stealing a march on us with their signings”. Yet we forget that (a) these clubs represent a minority of rivals investing in new players; and (b) that Leeds has a tranche of good players (Somma, Nunez, Clayton, Lees, White, Parker etc) who, although not given a real first team chance last term, could ‘come good’ for us – a la Beckford.
        I would like to see Leeds develop a successful team out of the core of its existing ranks, one that can pack a punch, which rivals are not expecting, and hope that Larry has the nous to fineness these players – as he did with Gradel
        Of course, Leeds needs to strengthen the side in key areas (midfield and defence), as every fan and his wife knew was needed last year and in the January transfer window. Larry (and/or Ken) failed to do this last term. If they fail again, then the few remaining supporters attending Leeds matches will be chanting ‘BATES OUT’ and ‘GRAYSON OUT’ slogans. This will not be about fickle fans but about the arrogance and failings of Leeds’ management.
        The greatest challenge for Larry next term will be his own performance. He should not again watch with clueless frustration as his chosen team flounders, nor exclude talent from the side to play his favourites or feckless loan signings.