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    B4ts and the other view

    Lyn (B4ts) used to be a regular, valued, contributor. Towards the end of last season, he stopped posting on this board. Instead, he now posts on news items or on other teams’ boards. For example, in response to a Leeds supporter questioning Bates’ motives in appointing an offshore company, Enterprise Insurance, as the new Club sponsor on a one-year contract, Lyn wrote, “Leeds fans? I've @#$% them, they have no loyalty¬ to the club all they can do is moan about everything¬ that happens or doesn't happen, get real, the club¬ was on the brink of oblivion only a few short years ago¬ and it cannot turn around in such a short time.”
    Obviously, Lyn has an opposite opinion to most who comment on the board. However, I fear this board, and Leeds United, will be lessened by not receiving comments from fans with contra views. After all, we sing, “We've been through it all together, And we've had our ups and downs. We're gonna stay with you forever, At least until the world stops going round”
    For me, Lyn is the ultimate Leeds fan – he was on this board long before I started posting and, even if I sometimes disagree with him, I respect his opinion.
    ATM, my opinion is that Bates’ shady ‘ownership’ of Leeds (and possibly its assets) is divisive and prevents us from marching on together. However, I would like to be wrong. Therefore, it is important that Lyn, and fans like him, present arguments as to why we should not think we are being taken for mugs by Bates.

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    • Andy, I think I will seriously consider getting the book after what I have just read! When you read about Ole Big Head at Leeds and before at Derby, it wasn`t about the Club or the Players or the Fans, it was all about him and what was in it for HIM! So yes the book looks to be on my buying list as of now!

    • Maybe I should invite Bates to a BarBQ? Guess whats on the menu?

    • A very good, well-balanced article about Ken Bates on the Square Ball site:
      ‘Time for Some Bates Balance’ by Eddie Taylor, 12 July 2011

    • Nice one Tom!!
      That should get us all going on the positive again.
      Good points, but I disagree about Nayls - way past his sell by date IMO, but you make a fair point about Schmeichel who I was sorry to see go.
      I would have loved Woody to have come back as he has been one of the classiest players in the football league.
      It will be interesting to see who else we get to bolster the defense.

    • Spherical plurals to Bates and all his mates who cares a hoot for them. It's the loyal fans that will suffer if we finish mid-table. I cant believe all the negative posts from die-hard fans. Sure were all disappointed that the season finished in such a flat manner so what. The team made good progress with many positives and would have finished in the top six if the management had been more astute in selection and tactical awareness in the final run in. So what has changed from last season to suggest that we will not prosper from experiences gained in a very competitive league! We lost a good club captain and leader in Rich Naylor prematurely, disgraceful IMO. Why wasn’t he offered a one year deal? Killer left, no great loss, Johnson departed with a fatter wallet with a canary on his back, again no great loss. The real bonus was getting 1.5 million for an average keeper who tried to screw another contract out of Bates when if truth be known was one of the highest paid on the playing staff. Wrong move by him good move for us. Max and Snoddy remain for the moment at least. There’s good competition amongst the strikers to keep all on their toes and all are capable of scoring goals regularly. Kis is back must be ok if he has secured a two year contract. Brown has just signed all we need now is Stockdale to get his finger out and sign and we are off. Championship and beyond gents and we will continue to tolerate the burden that is Bates, for now .MOT

    • 16 turnips and a swede Andy and your on.. but not Sven.

    • 16 turnips and a swede Andy and your on but not Sven.

    • Alan, Bryan, 'just below half way' would not suit Bates' plan - attendances at Leeds matches would drop off. Bates want Leeds challenging for, but not quite achieving, promotion.

    • Easy, this is a short excerpt from a review of 'Broken Dreams'

      "Football. The national sport? The beautiful game? Or is it, as Tom Bower suggests in Broken Dreams a cess pit of vanity, greed and corruption paid for by the fans, the clubs and those who subscribe to Sky?
      Bower looks at the luminaries of the game - such people as Terry Venables, Ken Bates, Harry Rednapp and Brian Clough amongst others - and examines their history in managing the sport and the money they have made from it. The potted biographies of these and other individuals makes frightening reading with their financial chicanery so often being overlooked by the clubs (whose money was disappearing into a black hole) and the ruling bodies of the sport so long as they were producing the results on the pitch. The FA, who should have been regulating the sport, was toothless in the face of those who felt themselves beyond the FA's reach and sometimes above the law..."

    • Ditto, Bryan, as things stand at the minute, just below half way.

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