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  • Tom Tom Jul 16, 2011 12:13 Flag

    Six months cure For “The Somma Time Blues”

    Headlines : Leeds striker Davide Somma is facing a lengthy lay-off with a cruciate injury. Is there something wrong with how they prepare returning players to fitness? Davide Somma is the latest to fall foul of pre -season training. Can’t ever remember this happening so frequently years ago, or is my memory failing me?

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    • Tom, players are required to do some exercises during their so called holiday in order that they are fit to take part in pre season training! It seems that more and more this is NOT being done! previously the South Americans were the worst offenders but it seems the disease is spreading!

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      • Well having done my coaching badges up to FA premier badge and been around a football club (wont say which one) for a year I can tell you the warm ups and cool downs are pretty poor, players stretch incorrectly and the effort is really poor. Flexibility plays a massive role in muscle pulls and tears ligament damage etc, and players do not strengthen the correct muscles, I know this from personal experience and my Martial Arts background. Poor management and coaching, Kieron Dyre is a perfect example, if u dont get rid of scar tissue correctly then the tear gets covered with scar tissue and injury's re occur, yes I know Sommas is different but injury's are preventable. LOTTO KNOWS BEST :)

    • Years ago football boots were above your ankles with a great wide leather strap across the top and a grenade proof rock hard toe cap. You couldn't twist or break anything---had a bit of bother swerving the ball though---did you, Tom.