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    Can Leeds afford to keep Gradel?

    Allegedly, Max Gradel's agent is demanding £25K per week wages for 'his' player to stay at Leeds - see http://www.thescratchingshed.com/2011/07/gradels-agent-wants-25000-per-week/
    If Gradel is paid what his agent demands then other players will expect the same. Sooner or later, if these demands are met, Leeds will return to Ridsdale policies.
    When will the authorities governing football grow the balls to get rid of these vampires!

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    • Leeds are talking to former Bolton left back Jlloyd Samuel, 30, and looking at former Aston Villa midfielder Isaiah Osbourne, 23". Talk is cheap Andy!

    • Maybe, just maybe he just does not like what is happening at the club?

    • From Mail on line:
      "Leeds winger Gradel demands to leave club amid interest from Premier League
      Max Gradel has told Leeds he wants to leave.
      Gradel, 23, is a target for West Ham, Fulham and Lille and is valued at £3m.
      Leeds are talking to former Bolton left back Jlloyd Samuel, 30, and looking at former Aston Villa midfielder Isaiah Osbourne, 23"

    • Great post Dunster, and I for one would love a billionaire to come in for us.
      Reported in the Mail this morning that Gradel has asked to leave.
      There is definitely something very wrong at the core of this rotten apple!

    • It must be frustrating for all of you at the moment. Especially with a chairman that is neither liked or trusted. All I can say is that you never know what's around the corner.
      Take my club. As some of you already know I'm a Manchester City fan. I've been through the same dark days watching the team play in the third tier at run down grounds. Forever the butt of jokes especially with the shower from Trafford being so successful. Then along come the arab billionaires and we're at the other end of the spectrum. Forever on sky and pretty much hated for what's happened. Personally I long for the old days where football clubs were owned by local people and not sold as a worldwide brand but times have changed. I for one am mystified as to why no one has bought Leeds United for all the reasons already mentioned on here. Along with Everton they are one of what I regard of as one of our grand old clubs who are looking for finances to push themselves on.
      I was shocked how they fell away last year towards the end of the season. I watched the Swansea away game and they were passed off the park. With the exception of Gradel they all looked tired and leggy. I had watched them a few months earlier and it was like watching a different team!
      Don't believe that you are hated by everyone. Oh yes Man Ure fans still love you being where you are and you will always be
      dirty Leeds to your rivals but the Leeds game was always a biggy that you looked forward to. The premiership should have Leeds United in it. In fact it's an absolute disgrace that Yorkshire doesn't have anyone in the premiership.
      Anyway, I've gone off at a tangent. The point is that surely someone must see the potential in Leeds. Do you want to end up like my lot though or must it be a British buyer? To be fair to our buyers they have invested heavily in the local area. After initial misgivings I am now glad they are here. Like I said times have changed. Leeds need a massive injection of cash, Bates out of the way and a forward thinking chairman to push on with marketing etc. Leeds need to be in the premiership next year and not languishing in the Championship.
      Sorry for waffling on. I hate Bates with a passion and in my eyes he is holding back one of our great clubs and shafting the fans rotten. Good luck for the new season and here's hoping something happens out of the blue.

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    • Sounds like it was a fascinating programme - am sorry it did not make it to (cold) Melbourne. At least we don't have a Yeung or a Thaksin in charge and Bates has managed to stay out of court (for the time being)...

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      Simple Ozzy Pete

    • HI guys from a very hot Cyprus.

      Although it is frustrating I have to agree with the Club on this. We have been there before & I spent a long time thinking that the club I have followed & loved for over 50yrs was on its way out. DO I WANT THAT AGAIN? Sorry but the answer is no, but with Mr B in charge I really dont believe we will get out of The Championship & if we do it could prove to be another slippery slope to disaster. Will somebody come in for the club? I dont know why nobody has, the most loyal fan base, unbelievable history & pedigree but it appears that everyone still hates us.

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      • Hi Vinnie,
        It is not so hot here - especially as regards transfer news!
        Did you see the Channel 4 programme, 'How to buy a football club' on TV last night? (I am guessing you live in the North, Turkish province, of Cyprus and maybe cannot get BBC feeds). Any hew, the prog more-or-less set out the formula Bates used to buy Leeds - i.e. 'buy a brand club in trouble for a song, use cheap loan players, and a good PR outfit to keep fans happy, get it back to the EPL, then cash in'.
        There is little doubt that Ken Bates wants to get Leeds back to the EPL so he can collect on his paltry investment big time - a £300M sale bonanza was quoted in the prog.
        However, as Leeds is liable for CVA debts until 2013, Ken will milk our club for every penny (premium ticket prices, and massive rents for Elland Road and Thorp Arch to offshore companies that may well be owned by Bates) until he is ready to get Leeds promoted and cash in.
        Player wages of £25K per week are relatively small beer to a Premiership club but are unsustainable for a Football League club. Gradel may be worth £25K per week (to an EPL club), on the other hand his 'player of the year' season may have been a flash in the pan. As Ozzi Peter suggested, with Gradel having a year to run on his contract it would be a smart move to keep him and, if he is as good next season as he was in the last, and Leeds is promoted, then give him the deal he wants.

      • I dont know why nobody has, the most loyal fan base, unbelievable history & pedigree but it appears that everyone still hates us. Correct John! Nobody more than Mr Bates himself!

    • I've just read the article, and it is a well laid out piece of work.
      Surely Max's agent would not be pursuing this path without agreement from the player himself. If it is true then I would agree with KB and sell him. I know he has been a good addition to the squad, but he is no more than an average player and if LU can make a profit on him I would take it, and I am sure KB will.
      I am not sure about the point in the article where it states that LU are making a small profit. In terms of EPL profits then yes it is small, but there must have been several millions made in the past 2 years which seem to have disappeared. I am not saying it hasn't been swallowed up in some black hole, but it would be nice to know where it has gone. With the crowds we get and considerably more TV revenue than other clubs we should be in a fairly healthy financial position (apart from the debt which will be wiped off in 2013).
      It would be nice to know the whole truth.