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  • Lottolee Lottolee Jul 23, 2011 21:47 Flag

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    Smudge we all want to give them a chance, and everyone wants success at Leeds, lets hope we do sign someone but we need to get them in now to blood them in for the season, yeah the youth are coming through which is great and ive always seen quality in Nunez and McCormack, but believe me the fans are getting restless and if we have a poor start I fear low crowds, alot of fans are boycotting Elland Road and are only going to away matches, Bates has had alot of money off US ALL so it should be invested in the team for Larry. The other Smudge has been released now so no excuses he either wants to finish his career at Leeds and win the fans back or take his pay day else where. M.O.T Leeds fans together forever..

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