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    Commons Select Committee

    Over the weekend there have been a few MP's who are part of the Commons select committee charged with looking at how football is run in this country, in the papers and on the news coming out with statements that should make us sit up and take notice.
    A few of them are still making rather worrying noises about the ownership of Leeds United, and especially who actually owned Leeds when we went into administration. These guys are like dogs with bones and they arent letting this one go by the look of things.
    My question is, what would happen if it is found that KB did own LUFC before we went into administration, and then bought it back debt free?
    Would KB be looking at time in one of her majestys establishments and/or would LUFC be hit with a points deduction and fine like nothing ever seen before?
    With so much secrecy and lack of transparency these MP's seem determined to get to the bottom of this issue, especially the MP for Leeds North Fabien Hamilton who has shall we say, a few scores to settle with KB.
    We must hope and pray that KB has either covered his tracks very very well, or he is not a crooked as we think, otherwise the 25points taken off us by the FA might seem like small change.

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    • You're not wrong.

    • I had been going to Elland Road regularly for about 11 years when Clough arrived. It was a great disappointment when Don Revie left,although it has to be said that at least three times in the second half of the Sixties it became public knowledge that he was tempted with better financial offers from Everton , Birmingham and Sunderland . We can only surmise as to who made these public.
      I was against Clough at the time. Remember he was not then seen as a great manager. His team won the League in 1972 by one point at our expense, but LUFC fans then and now know that was down to1) The ridiculous closure of Elland Road for 4 league games following the infamous West Brom 'pitch invasion' in in 1971. We drew games with Wolves and Spurs we might reasonably have expected to win at Elland Road. 2) The notorious decision to make us play at Wolves on the Monday after winning the FA Cup(why not play it on the Wednesday you may ask?) Another dodgy ref (Early in the game , Bremner clean through on goal, goalkeeper grabs his ankles, ref waves play on ....)and fatigue cost us the point we needed.
      Clough also turned up at Elland Road without his sidekick, Peter Taylor. They worked as a pair, rather like Don Revie and Les Cocker (who went to the England job with Revie) There is no doubt that Clough had previously used the media to systematically denigrate Leeds United, and for me that meant the fans as well.
      It's a bit like Cantona really. Despite what the media would have you believe, he nearly cost us the Title in 1992 (check the stats) but went on to have a good career somewhere else. Just as Johny Giles and Gordon Strachan left somewhere else and had a good career with us.
      To cut a long story short ,I stand by my belief that Clough without Taylor was the wrong choice, destined for failure and was another step on the downward ladder which began when Manny Cussins took over as Chairman and was not reversed until his death in1988.
      My choice at the time was Johny Giles. In more recent times I've wondered what Jack Charlton would have achieved.

    • John, I agree with you that Leeds seems to get a raw deal – although many other clubs’ supporters might feel the same about their teams. I just wondered if you had a theory to link the facts you posted.
      Last season, QPR, a London club, received a fine (easily affordable) for fielding an ineligible player. Yet, in 1990, Swindon received relegation for the same offence. The governance of football in England is at best incompetent and quite possibly corrupt.
      It does not help that the Premier League, Football League, and Football Association are private companies whose dealings are not open to public scrutiny – for instance, they are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act!
      I hope that the House of Commons’ Culture, Media, and Sport select committee on the Governance of Football succeeds in bringing ‘transparency’ to the nation’s favourite sport, but my hopes are not high.

    • I am referring to London football writers who have traditionally dominated the Press , particularly the weekend newspapers.I did not mention a 'London bias'.There was and is a bias against the perceived less glamorous parts of the North in all sections of the London based 'elite'.

      In Alan Hardakers time, the Football League were based at Lytham St. Annes (thats near Blackpool), Where Huddersfield born Hardaker was based had nothing to do with his personal prejudice against Revie and therefore Leeds United.

      Where the recent Commons committee met is irrelevant. They also convened at other sites across the country. I suppose the MPs were able to claim more expenses than if they had been at Westminster.

    • Maybe just a dislike of all Teams East of the Pennines beginning with L Andy.

    • John, this is an excellent post. You have a grasp of Leeds United’s history beyond that of most of us fans. Whilst we feel/believe/know that football’s authorities treat Leeds harshly, compared to other ‘big’ clubs (they are just as harsh with small clubs), few of us can cite examples further back than the last decade.
      My question was, “why do you think football’s authorities treat Leeds more harshly than the rest? Your answer was, basically, that, “We [Leeds United] epitomise their [the media’s and football’s authorities’] dislike of the North”. I agree with you about the media having a London bias but a “dislike of the North”, as an argument, would not stand up in court – the Football League Head Office is in Preston and the CMS Select Committee hearing into Football Governance was held in Burnley.

    • Great post John & I agree with everything you have written

    • Good question.In 1919, Leeds City were the 'soft option'. as I said, Aston Villa and Blackburn were the aristocracy .No doubt they pulled strings , just as Man Utd do nowadays. Also, the Football authorities probably felt they had successfully countered the development of professional Rugby(League) in the North., and Leeds were expendible.
      In the Revie era, we have to acknowledge that Don had personal enemies in the game. The worst was probably Alan Hardaker, who was in charge of the Football League.He went out of his way to be awkward,especially when because of our success we had crowded fixture lists. The FA were no better.In 1967 we reached the quarter final of the FA Cup against Sunderland . After 2 draws in went to a third game at Hull on a Monday night.The FA announced that if a fourth game was needed, it would be at Middlesbrough on the Wednesday.They new LUFC already had a Fairs Cup quarter Final in Bologna, Italy that night. Revie had to plan for 2 matches at the same time a thousand miles apart! Fortunately , we just beat Sunderland 2-1.
      In the spring of 1970 , we were almost certainly the best club side in the world. and could have done the Treble, including European Cup-except they made us play 9 games in 15 days in the 3 competitions. It was humanly impossible with the small squads we had then . When Don fielded some reserve players at Derby, they gave us a record fine for fielding a weakened team!
      We've never had many friends in the national sports media, which traditionally is dominated by East and South Londoners. This goes back to the mid Sixties.Football was rougher then , and they saw us play alot of 'away' games at London clubs, but in those days before the motorways came to Leeds, they rarely came Elland Road to see the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea 'rough us up' Hence 'Dirty Leeds', which some of them who wern't born then still sneer to this day. We epitomise their dislike of the North. I guess thats why Rugby League never gets a fair press as well.
      Nowadays , Ken Bates , also has his enemies, and they know that at 79, their time to 'get' him is running out.

    • Can't imagine cunning Ken quaking too much Jez as he sits in his favourite seat outside the Cafe de Paris in Monte Carlo sipping his Sancerre. The mans positively porous, oozing excuses and deception from every orifice in his body and will have an answer or justification for his somewhat dubious actions and tenure within the club. I do believe that he will get his due desserts, PORRIDGE and sour grapes, if found guilty of malpractice.Cant see us being punished as there are a lot of clubs in the same position as us.

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      • I agree with Mr. Zymer, it genuinely appears as if nobody directly related to the club besides KB knows the full story... Surely the club cannot be punished if KB has used deception to break the law and nobody else was aware of it... Still, the off-field focus is an unneccesary distraction pre-season. Are there times you wonder how easy it would be to support a normal team? No title expectations, no off-field problems, league stability. Bolton Wanderers perhaps? Never! MOT