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    Southampton v Leeds

    Okay, first match of the season; what are our thoughts, hopes, concerns, and predictions?
    Simon is likely to field the same XI that started against Newcastle (Lonergan; Connolly, Kisnorbo, O’Brien, Parker; Snodgrass, Clayton, Brown, Gradel; Howson, McCormack). Will this be enough to counter the Saints?
    Southampton has a strong defence, a midfield (including Jack Cork, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, and Adam Lallana) equal to ours, and some impressive strikers (including Nicky Lambert).
    Our problem will be who sits on the ‘five subs’ bench. O’Brien, Parker, and Snodgrass are still not match fit. If the bench carries subs for these positions, will this exclude potential match-winners, like Nunez, Sam, and Mendy?
    An unlikely win at St Mary’s would be brilliant. A draw would be good. A respectable loss would be tolerable… But if Leeds is torn apart by the pace of So’t’on then all our fears and anger about Leeds’ lack of ambition in the close season will impact on the club big time.

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    • Nice one Alan! Send him a roll of emery cloth as well to wipe his R's on to rub it !!

    • I take it that you aint a fan of TMW's We will see what happens when u visit ER. One swallow does'nt make a summer. Will Southampton be above LU at the end of the season? No way, so do one,

    • Glad you could fine some positives Jez!
      Too many players went out to do their own thing and not what we told them and that's where we've come unstuck.
      "There's been nothing wrong in training, we knew XXXXXXXXXXXX would pass through midfield and people didn't do what we asked them to do.
      "That`s extremely disappointing and if they don't do it, the team will suffer. XXXXXXXXXXX looked far better than us."

      Take note Jez, we could be seeing these words alot in the future unless somethin drastic happens! I mean "WHO" picked the team, decided on the tactics etc etc? If they are not doing what they are told, punish them, but if they are not told what to do, punish you!

    • In all probability it will be the year after at best! One defeat does not signal the end! No, it is the not losing 3 - 1 away, lots of teams lost at the weekend. HSV lost 3 - 1 to Dortmund, Schalke 04 lost 3 nil to Stuttgart, Leverkausen lost 2 nil to Mainz 05 and Bayern, with their so called Worlds Beat Goalie lost 1 nil to BMG and it was the goalies fault! Nearer to home WestHam lost and they are supposed to be favourites, Birmingham also lost! No Steve it is not the losing of a game that makes such miserable faces! Grayson slags off his team for the way they played. Note, "HIS TEAM", he picked em, he decided on the line up, he alone decided on the tactics to be employed, all this after supposedly "reading up" on Southampton! The "Don" was famous for his in depth dossiers on opposing teams, even old "Big Head" Clough had a go at him because of them! Every school kid knows that if you do not do yerr homework you cannot expect to get good results, an that`s no error either! No this defeat has got to be laid at Grayson`s Door! Now provided he has learnt something, which I doubt, read Andrew Bs post on Grayson slagging off his players, we might take this as a call, no not a wake up call, thats for people who are asleep, this call is a raising of the dead call, because that is whats needed here! Unfortunately if SG knuckles down to KB any longer even that won`t help! Bats is getting upset because we are all being too negative, well Bats this at the moment is about as positive as I can get about SG & KB and the team they are supposedly running! Change your tactics SG, do your homework SG, pick players that can play, not just smile nicely SG, Open yer bleeding purse KB, then maybe we can survive this season "Still" in the Championship and be ready for a good push next year! If you pair don`t do this, then I can only see doom and gloom for the forseeable future! We can always hope for a miracle to happen, like all the other teams have off days, their Managers/Owners do a wobbly and tie up their purses, and the Trainers all pick the wrong teams/tactics! Doesn´t happen? Sure? Ask KB and SG about that!

    • The only positives to come out of that game was the performance of Adam Clayton, and the new keeper. The rest of the team were a big let down and SG has got a lot of work to do to get things right otherwise its a mid table finish AT BEST!

    • So next year then

    • Steve, Bates watching, if he was he was probaly laughing, but why would he watch? He knows the team he has left Grayson with is a cobbled togeather hotchpotch of players who will be lucky to able to score a goal without the help of the Officials! No he is NOT going to spend his ill gotten gains! He`ll wait until we are back in Div Two, sell up and bug-ger off!

    • I'll send you a proper pie down from Hartlepool, Neil. Every time your lot score you'll have to dash off for a shyte.

    • Guy's on that performance it's going to be a very very long season, or was it just that we beat Newcastle last week and everyone was cock a hoop, well if that was the case we were brought down to earth with a big wake up call. After watching the game live in South Africa I would say only a few players (3) came out of the game with a decent performance the rest were not at the races, I just hope Bates was there or watched the game from Monaco and realised that it was not a performance to be pround of and not what is expected by anyone wearing a Leeds shirt and he needs to bring in new faces ASAP otherwise League 1 here we come nevermind the top 6 and beyond.

    • Not that im biting lol, but once the Chelsea is out of Leeds we will be back to being Mighty it may take time but the saints will go marching down whilst we go Marching On M.O.T!

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