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  • ANDRExu2 ANDRExu2 Aug 10, 2011 18:53 Flag

    Last Night

    Does anyone know who the 'trailist' (a German striker, I believe) was that scored a hat trick in the Farsley Celtic match?
    Today, Phil Hay said that negotiations to sign a (yet another) new player had failed on Monday. I just wondered if it was this lad as he seems to be just what we need.

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    • The trialist was Felix Luz who has played for Stuttgart and St. Pauli in Germany.
      As for Peter Lorimer, an old friend of mine, there is probably more to his actions than meet the eye.
      Peter went bankrupt a few years ago and was thrown a lifeline by the club he served so well to help get himself back on his feet.
      I believe once KB has gone Peter will come out with the truth as to his true feelings whereas at the moment he will need the retainer he gets from the club and will have to defend whatever to keep that going.
      A sad affair but that's life.