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    If Andy Keogh is the answer, what is the question?

    With something to prove, Andy Keogh could be just the forward we need to work with Ross McCormack in a 4-4-2 formation to improve our strike threat, but so could Mike Grella or Felix Luz, the German trialist. Why, again, has Larry brought in a loan player at the last minute? Are petty, personality politics at play?
    Will a new recruit have enough time to gel with the team sufficiently to make a difference in such an important game as the Yorkshire derby with Hull?
    Without Becchio, Leeds’ lone striker formation is ineffective; why has Larry persisted with it? Is this because Larry is basing the team around Johnny Howson who is not effective in a 4-4-2 formation?
    Becchio had his injury last term; why wait until the start of a new term to treat it? Did the management suspect Becchio would not be a Leeds player this term? If so, did they think that Somma, McCormack, or Paynter could hold the line?
    The up side of the negative start we have had is that it will force Larry to review his constipated thinking about team selection and tactic. Without Johnny, Nunez can start; Sam can replace Gradel; Clayton, Lees, and Bromby can begin to stake their claims; and we can play alternative formations that actually meet the treats posed by opponents. We could buck the odds and beat Hull. Whether we will, can only be seen.
    The whole of Leeds’ close season recruitment has been an example of penny-pinching obstinacy over planned investment and progress. The only reason for this, that makes any sense, is that Bates does not want Leeds promoted this season.
    Only an in-depth forensic financial investigation into Bates’ ownership of Leeds United – one that uncovers the owners behind the owners and assures the public that these unknown owners are not making £millions from gambling syndicates or property development scams – will convince anyone that he is a fit and proper owner of our great club.

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    • He is not bad and ex Leeds so thats a bonus, wwe need to go to a 4-4-2 formation all this talk that Howson can't play in that formation is rubbish he is a midfielder is he not? Playing 5 in midfield IMO shows we have a weakness and it invites pressure look at when we have been hoofing the ball up to little Ross etc waste of time and I don't blame Ross!
      As for the Bates saga continuing to hit the headlines the biggest thing that Pi**es me off is this rent we pay for Thorpe Arch, Buying it was an investment and would save on the millions + wasted in rent but no lets spend 7 million on boxes FFS! The sooner someone invests the better, but he knows there is nothing tangible to invest in so he can keep screwing us fans every year.
      M.O.T Bates out!

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      • As Thorp Arch and Elland Road are owned by obscure, offshore, tax-dodging investment trust, just like everything that Bates is involved in, it is like a signature. When something is slippery and stinks of fish does it mean it is fishy?
        In law, everyone is presumed innocent until proved guilty.
        We may suspect that Ken Bates and/or mates own Thorp Arch and Elland Road and that Leeds United is paying extortionate rents; that a company owned indirectly by him forced the sale of Leeds United to him; that Ken Bates continued to own Leeds United illegally after he put it into administration; that he is not investing in Leeds United to gain promotion until after the consequences of a dodge on a CVA have timed out... the list should include scams before he came to Leeds - but the truth will not be out until a thorough investigation into Ken's dealings by HMR&C and the Serious Fraud Office is actioned.
        Sadly, as Ken well knows, this is unlikely to happen. While the authorities move to prosecute fraud amongst benefit claimants, resulting in thousands of convictions but resulting in saving only a couple of £million, they haven't brought a single prosecution against a tax-dodger, even though this has meant a £multi-billion loss to the economy.
        If the authorities take no action on Ken Bates then it is a sure sign that they are as "innocent" as him, or what!

      • Andy Keogh is a strong lad who can hold his own in the opposition’s box, knows how to find the net (though may be lacking a bit of confidence), and could be a perfect partner for Ross McCormack. This assumes us playing 4-4-2 – without Johnny or Max, or indeed Luciano, I cannot see Larry using another formation.
        Johnny is an attacking midfield player (a striker in waiting) who is not as effective when played wide as he tends to move back to the centre. In a 4-4-2 formation, Johnny will always be competing for a central position with Clayton, Brown, and Nunez – actually that should be the other way around as, with Larry making Johnny the captain, Nunez, Brown, and Clayton will have to challenge Johnny for that position.
        Under normal circumstances, it would be interesting to see how Leeds fares against Hull using 4-4-2 but, after the demands made on nine players in the Boro game, the circumstances will not be normal, as our lads’ legs will not have recovered from Saturday. Is it the time to introduce White’s fast legs?
        I am encouraged that, through default rather than design, Larry is at last giving some of our untried younger players a chance (Clayton, Lees) and that their success will convince Larry to become just a bit more imaginative in his team selections and tactics.
        Tomorrow, the Tigers will tip up at Elland Road expecting an easy victory. Against all the odds, if Larry can organise a radically different team, I believe Leeds will start to get a grip on this season by beating Hull. Hmmm!