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  • Lottolee Lottolee Aug 15, 2011 20:36 Flag

    If Andy Keogh is the answer, what is the question?

    Aidy worth a punt, well ive had about 5 texts in the last hour Smith to sign tomorrow lol you heard it here first for the 50th time. :)

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    • Well Woodgate's playing like his old self for Stoke (and would have signed for us if offered some half decent money), so Smudge might be a welcome addition.
      Clayton has been the outstanding player this season, and although Nunez has proved himself to be a very tricky player he is so one footed he will easily be caught short, which is probably why SG is reluctant to play him. Paynter has had enough chances and will not hack it at this level by the looks of things, and I have my doubts about McCormack too.
      Confidence will be at an all time low and Larry's value as a manager will be under the spotlight for me in the next few games.
      At least someone is beginning to realise at last that we need more strength and let's hope it will happen before the window closes!!