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  • Tom Tom Aug 24, 2011 23:31 Flag

    Less is often better than more.

    Do we need more strikers? No now we have Keogh back.
    Do we need more creative players? No just play the ones we have and blend the promising kids into the squad.
    Do we need more defensive midfield players? One Perhaps or move Bruce in to try him there! I think the lad has the makings as they say. Watch the Arsenal game from last season!
    Do we need more defenders? No just pick the best four, play them on a regular basis to blend them as unit. Coach them to keep their eyes on the ball, hold the line and look around more! Teams that play together stay together, given that they are free from injury.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day
    So in conclusion the call for more players in before deadline IMO would be damaging to the existing squad who have in the most part trained and played together over the last couple of months.
    I posted earlier “you can’t squeeze a gallon into a pint pot” as Sven the Swede is trying to do at Leicester and as Middlesbrough did last year with disastrous effect. Took them almost a year to recover.

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    • Erhm! Your Black Book, does it have a picture of a bottle (half full) of Jack Daniels with a glass and three ice cubes? If so forget it I Instant Glued all the pages togeather!

    • Pleas Don`t Go, Tommy please don`t go! Will you be here tommorrow? Personal, ofcourse its personal, don`t think I want to talk to a machine do yer?

    • lol al told u id sort u a parmo out :)

    • I think I'll fuskc off too, Tom---these guys are on my back day and night.
      H---going through my black book as we speak

    • Come on Tom, i for one would miss your witty, funny, articulate posts. The fact that you also manage to make a valid point every now and again is also not to be sniffed at, so please reconsider, your board needs you!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Easy, Tom, Peter, Lotto...
      "Real friends are those who, after you've made a fool of yourself, don't feel that you've done a permanent job" - Erwin T Randall
      Note to myself: never post after a game when feeling angry - this instant messaging ain't all it's cracked up to be!
      Note to Ken Bates: only you could make Leeds fans not believe in marching on together.

    • There would be no board if we all stopped posting, so keep them coming I enjoy reading them all and we can't agree on everything just ask my wife. Marching On TOGETHER :)

    • With the amount of felling, and love, we all have for LUFC, there are always going to be times when we feel our arguments are being ignored, attacked or undermined.

      However, we all love this club and are simply looking for ways to express our own opinions and ideals. Sometimes, particularly after a loss, this can be mis-interpreted as having a go at each other. Everybody interprets things differently.

      Tom, I would urge you to stay on this board. Having posted on it myself for 4 years or so, there have been times i have disagreed with Andy, with Easy, with Bats, with Nige, with Jez, with yourself, with Bryan, with Vinny, with LLt, with Lotto.

      However, the beauty of sport is that it polarises opinions. I do not condone personal attacks, but having been there the era where the likes of andy and myself were amongst a maximum of 4-5 posters, I am sure I can speak of behalf of everybody including Andy when I say that your presence on the board is welcome, your arguments and opinions welcome and, in general, you are welcome.

      As for the fact I have not mentioned Al as somebody I have ever disagreed with; I simply don't want him to curse me, and my life, in the manner in which his predictions curse our team!!! (tongue firmly in cheek my Hartlepool friend :p)

    • “Less is often better than more” is a contentious statement, Tom. Less, when it comes to goals and points is never better than more goals and points!
      I understand what you are saying but the questions you ask would make more sense if you used ‘better’ instead of ‘more’ – although the answers would not be so easy.
      It is too late now, but Leeds had all summer to recruit players and prepare them to play together. In Simon’s words, “to sign players that will make the team better”. The outcome was, to quote Simon again, “frustration” and “disappointment”. Consequently, we started the season with a team patched together from more or less the same squad that crumbled last season and we paid the price in our opening game.
      The poor result against Southampton forced Simon to gamble on giving some of our young players a chance. Fortunately, it worked and Clayton, Lees, White, Nunez et al will only get better. However, it leaves us with a squad very thin on quality – Donny played us off the park in the cup game when Simon rested half the team.
      To the question, ‘do we need better players?’ I would say the answer is a qualified ‘yes, if we intend to become an EPL side’.- Which, personally, I do not believe is Bates' intention for Leeds this term.

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      • It makes sense in the context of the whole post. I’m not talking about goals or points I am referring to buying for the sake of buying as has happened in past eras. You know what the problem is Andy so how the hell can we compete with others like Leicester and Ipswich who are signing players for fun it seems in order to guarantee success. An influx of players causes problems of selection and keeping players happy and settled! It also excludes our promising young players from the opportunity to develop. So less players in is often better than more and certainly in my book is not contentious as it is how I read the predicament we find ourselves in at the moment. You have the right to disagree of course, but interpret the heading in the context that it was meant and not in isolation!

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