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  • Lottolee Lottolee Aug 28, 2011 21:59 Flag

    Has the bubble burst?

    I have noticed crowds are dwindling not just Leeds but everywhere even the Geordies, Villa 30k for a derby match etc. Fans are spending there hard earned cash elsewhere, we have other priorities a recession, fewer jobs etc is the bubble about to burst? Players earning ridiculous wages even in our league they are on a different planet, even Everton who have finished in the top half for years have no money.
    Is it me or do you agree worrying times ahead?

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    • One thing I have noticed since the new boxes have been put in place is there are loads of restricted views in the East Upper now, well done Bates that was well thought out oh we will knock £2 off the price that will make up for it!
      BATES OUT!
      fingers crossed for the Euro tonight ill buy him out.

    • Why has he left it so long to put tickets on General sale? fans need to take afternoons off etc and need more time notice for midweek games, plus every so called SELL OUT at Elland Road ALWAYS see's rows of empty seats??? I wonder if some seats are even on the computer, we never ever reach capacity even allowing for segregation!! WHY???????????? and what is capacity now? New Box's in East Stand will reduce capacity!
      But figure on Web Site has not changed??

    • Yeah noticed on his interview he states £650,000 worth of tickets sold,money money money the guy is just interested in filling his pockets, I can't wait to watch this program on him it could open a whole can of worms bye bye Ken! The crowds are already dwindling below his so called 25k break even figure.

    • It wouldnt surprise me lotto if there were still some tickets left. As a comparison, last night Man City were charging £20 to watch champions league football. Bates is expecting us to fork out £38 to watch the 3rd round of the Carling cup.
      Some of the Leeds fans i have been talking to have had enough of being ripped off, and even though its the old enemy in town, some of them are just going to go down the pub and spend £30 on beer watching the game on the big screen rather than put money in captain birdseyes pocket.
      I still think we will get rid of the majority of tickets, but it will be a shame if there are any empty seats because Ken has priced fans out of attending this game.

    • There are still probably nearly 10k tickets left for tuesday nights match and tickets will go on general sale soon, has Bates plan backfired? or are the Bates haters just not going because they have had enough? I fear that away fans will end up in the home areas and believe me it will kick off big time if that happens.
      Lets hope for a repeat of the one nil win M.O.T

    • Much prefer him to jump in first mate and do us all a favour!

    • Oh well if they don't sell he can always fill that buddy great hole outside of the East stand :)

    • Read you the first time ole chum!

    • Im still debating whether to go, but ill prob keep my hard earned money in my pocket this time.

    • Im still debating whether to go, but ill prob keep my hard earned money in my pocket this time.

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