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    Max confusion

    Is Max staying or going?
    All summer, the media has referred to Max Gradel as Leeds “wantaway” player. This is probably true. If the lad wants to leave, and the club forces him to stay, can we rely on him to give 100% to the team?
    Today, Skysports reported that Leeds is ready to accept a transfer fee (of £2m) from Sochaux for Max Gradel, rather than lose his services for free next summer when his deal expires and that Sochaux chairman Alexander Lacombe said, “"We hope to finalise the deal…It's a deal which is at an advanced stage."
    Then The Sun reported:
    “LEEDS UNITED are bracing themselves for further bids for in-demand winger Max Gradel after rejecting Sochaux's £2million offer.
    The Ivory Coast international, 23, is out of contract next summer and has yet to agree a new deal with the Whites.
    Gradel is keen on a return to France where he grew up and could seal a move before the transfer window shuts.
    West Ham and Fulham have also shown an interest this summer but Sochaux are out of the race after Leeds turned down their approach.
    Sochaux chairman Alexandre Lacombe said: "We haven't had a positive reply on the offer we made. This case is closed now."

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    • With Max Gradel’s move to St Etienne announced on the last day of the transfer window, Ken Bates will have the excuse of insufficient time to get his chequebook out – quel surprise! (NB Froggy comment!) Larry will now have to use the loan market – again, quel surprise!
      ‘News’ of Max’s desire to move to France, to St Etienne, and ‘play at a higher level’ was reported in July; Leeds must have known about this at the time. Why then did Ken Bates say in August (during his interview on Yorkshire Radio, 24, 08, 2011) “Max isn’t going anywhere and that’s the end of the matter”?
      Yesterday, the media reported that French club Sochaux had its £2m bid for Gradel turned down. Today, Wikipedia claimed St Etienne had paid £5m for Gradel. The real figure (reported by Leeds as ‘an undisclosed fee’ – quel surprise!) is likely to be somewhere between £2 and 5m but, whatever, a good bounty for a second division player on his last year of contract, and an offer Ken Bates could not refuse. After all business, even football, is business!
      That Gradel’s departure will weaken the team is, in business terms, immaterial – as it is not in Bates’ business plan for Leeds to gain promotion this season (QED). Nunez (although a different kind of player) and Sam can occupy the position left by Gradel. The team will still function. Whether it will have the cutting edge to win enough games to challenge for promotion is, again, immaterial, as it is not in the business plan.
      No doubt, Larry will make a few loan signings to bolster the team and ensure Leeds stays in the Championship, but losing Gradel is a signal to other players that Leeds has no real ambition. Other players will review their career development options and ‘wantaway’ – presently, Snodgrass is rumoured to be going to Blackburn and it will not be long before Clayton, Nunez, and Lees start to think that the future is not White!
      Quel surprise, anyone!

    • Jez, Talk is cheap, thats why Bates likes it so much!

    • Well so much for Leeds being in Max's blood we seem to be a stepping stone for players lately, a good season and hey ill move onto the next club, but did we try to show loyalty by offering a good contract? Well im waiting for the good news loads of rumours flying around but IMO its loanies again, sign of the times for the not so Mighty Whites. Lets hope the new players if any wear that shirt with the pride it deserves. M.O.T PLEASE BATES OPEN YOUR BUDDY CHEQUE BOOK!

    • Lets just hope if we do bring in players that they really want to play for the shirt and not just collect wages.We already have 1 or 2 that are just collecting wages and are just going through the motions,Now would be a good time to get rid before the transfer deadline

    • There is talk of another couple of players coming in today, and with Nunez ready to fill Gradels boots this could be good business.
      As reported Gradel put in a transfer request, so it left the club with no option than to cash in on him now and use the money to strengthen the squad. Just begs the question why was it all left to the last minute?
      Anyway let see who comes in today before passing judgement, we might be pleasantly surprised.

    • Bates walked into the Elland Road canteen and the girls serving thought he wanted a cuppa---but he didn't, he was counting them.

    • Well just heard his girlfriend has handed her notice in so could be true max might be heading out, would be sad to lose another but we dont exactly push the boat out over contracts do we. Allegedly £3.5 million hope its all bull as normal.