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  • Alan H Alan H Sep 6, 2011 11:40 Flag

    Transfer Carry On

    Quite a few like transfer windows and a hell of a lot don't. I tend to agree with the lad called Alan, not me, who posted on the Championship board personally.

    The transfer window should start at the end of the­ season and close one week before the start of the new­ season, then all the clubs, fans and players know who­ is playing for who and for the whole season---Alan

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    • The sound of Bullion Bates dropping his bank statement on his foot Easy, both of them, double ouch!!.

    • And 3 for Hull---fuskc me, I'll never hear the end of it.

    • A good Saturday, 3 points for you guys and a good 3 away for Pools. We need Andy back, what the fuskc's going on.

    • Guys I am posting this for Andy who seems to be having some trouble when he tries to post for himself so here goes, ok Guys! With Glenn Murray and Sean Scannell up front, and the pace of youngsters like Wilfried Zaha and Jonny Parr, even if it had a full squad, Leeds would struggle to cope with Palace. That it is missing both Gradel and White, will expose Leeds' left flank and provide an easy route to goal for the visitors.
      The Palace match, as ridiculous as it seems, so early in the season, is now a 'must win' game for Leeds. With its lack of investment in playing personnel, it seems that all Leeds can hope for is, all things being equal, that it will get the rub of the green, avoid controversial decisions from match officials, and record a much needed 'lucky' win.
      That Leeds is scratching around at the foot of the second division table, seeking a lucky win against a pre-season potential relegation side, is a statement of how low our once great club has sunk under Ken Bates' stewardship. After six years of premium ticket prices, massive international pay per view TV revenues, lucrative player sales, merchandising, advertising and sponsorship deals worth multi £millions, precious little has been invested in the team and Leeds is in much the same position as it was when he 'acquired' our club.
      Evidently, Ken Bates calling Leeds fans 'morons' is no less than the truth!

    • Never said he was benevolent Tom, he is just after their Pension/retirement cheques!

    • Pugh yeah would be good, as for Watt he liked a tackle but had enough chances to impress and failed IMO def not a replacement for Gradel. Don't know whats going on with Smith surely he would of joined by now? I really don't know who we will sign, weve got loads of centre halves agreed most not up to it,maybe Keogh will sign for the full length of loan, could White fill Gradels boots he's fast and loves to get forward, or is he better playing like a Dorigo?
      M.O.T Jan 3rd remember the date :)

    • I agree with that in principle, but one effect of the Transfer window is to acknowledge that outside of the top division, there isn't much spare money in the game. Many clubs, LUFC included, are able to load up their squads with players they don't have to pay a full annual salary for. It's the equivalent of employing casual or seasonal workers.