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    David Conn

    Can anyone shed any light on this guy? I hear there is to be a documentary by Mr Conn regarding the ownership of Leeds and he has been filming in Geneva?
    Is this why the BBC are banned from Elland Road?

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    • Jez that would be great but I think the fans are starting to boycott games not just because of his pricing policy but because he is destroying the club from within, from power hungry stewards to making the Kop for members only so he can throw out any fans who chant Bates Out etc. Ive never seen it this bad at Elland Road even in the Fotherby era. I had more fun going when we had 14,000, I can fully understand some of the fans only attending away games fun days out.

    • There are enough Leeds fans to get a 100,000 name petition and get this brought before the house of commons.
      We can protest and shout as much as we want at home games, but we need some clout behind us if anything is to happen and the only way is to petition our local MP's, Fabien Hamilton being one who would gladly take up our fight, and also write to HRMC to get them to investigate the takeover.
      The cat is well and truely out of the bag, even if the programme was a little dissapointing. We need to carry the momentum forward and let him know that Leeds fans wont take his underhand dealings at our club any longer.

    • Disappointing, Lotto! But it was what I was expecting. Bates, and football's authorities, basically, pulled up the draw bridge to defend their position but this is just the start of the siege. We now need some big guns to break down the opaque walls of football ownership and governance in the UK.

    • A big let down, basically said what we all know, but no proof all dodgy off shore goings on NO PROOF as it's all OFF SHORE ya get it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... BATES OUT FFS! FFS is in no way related to off shore company's IT MEANS FOR **** SAKE lol....

    • Just read these articles Andy, and my blood is boiling!!!

      I really cant wait to see the programme on Monday night to see the expose in full, and then wait for KB's response.
      If it turns out that KB owns ER and we have been paying him rent of £1.2M a year then he is finished as chairman, and worse still if it is proven that FSF and Astor were indeed linked during the takeover then he is looking at being charged for purjuy.
      I for one am going to start campaining for HRMC and some local MP's to investigate this whole sorry issue, and hopefully get this parasite out of our great club.

    • Some good stuff on there Andy, I read some other reports, and I especially like the The Premier League has priced out fans, young and old!

    • For an insight into the BBC’s expose on Ken Bates’ dealings with, and ‘ownership’ of, Leeds United, before it is broadcast, the following articles by David Conn (see below) are worth reading. Conn asks consistently incisive questions which Bates has refused to answer. So far, the football authorities have refused to break ranks with Bates. However, with the full media spotlight on their operations, the FA, FL and PL may be forced to yield some of their secret dealings territory before any government, wishing to get the public on its side, legislates to make them all publicly accountable bodies.

      Yahoo does not allow URS. However, the articles are all available to view on the Guardian’s ‘Inside Sport’ website under David Conn’s Blog. Check out:
      'Emotions running high between Ken Bates and Leeds United supporters' - 25 Aug 2011
      'Ken Bates should answer some questions rather than make up enemies' - 5 May 2011
      Serious questions remain despite Bates takeover of Leeds, says MP - 4 May 2011
      'Why did Leeds sell to Ken Bates, who claims he has no money to invest? - 3 May 2011
      Why do Leeds United not reveal their owners?' - 6 Apr 2011
      'Does the ownership of Leeds United matter? It does if you value the fans' - 6 Mar 2010
      'Fans of any football club have a right to know who the owners are' - 5 March 2010
      'Five questions fans need answered about their club's owners' – 4 Mar 2010
      'Guardian 'banned' from Leeds United's Elland Road' - 19 Oct 2009
      'Riddle of Leeds' ownership remains shrouded in mystery' - 30 Sep 2009....
      There are many more.

    • No I don't think so, international restrictions on BBC footage..

    • Peter, if it's on BBC can you not see it on BBC i-player?

    • I will be needing you guys to give me a good rundown of what is said obviously!

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