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    No Defence

    I couldn't go to Brighton but saw it on TV.
    The usual story - a team that cannot defend. After the match saw Simon interviewed about the defendin He said 'It's been going on for a year, probably more. It's up to the defenders to sort themselves out...
    NO. Simon mate, you cannot hide behind that comment. You have brought in (and got rid of) defenders who you consider to be of the right professional standard.In most cases they have performed elsewhere.In other cases they are young players who have performed whilst out on loan.
    WHY do they not perform under YOU and YOUR Coaches- Snodin and Miller ?
    I have regrettably reached the conclusion that yet another died in the wool LUFC man has gone as far as his abilities will take us as our manager.

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    • One thing that struck me whilst watching the Brighton game was how quickly the ball came back into the Leeds half thus putting the back four under pressure. The forwards seemed to have problems keeping and holding the ball and bringing others into play. I know McCormack has been banging them in but I thought he was the worst culprit.
      On the plus side they do seem to have a bit of spirit about them. Also hats off to you for taking 2,400 fans down to the south coast on a Friday night. The people who come up with these fixture dates and times never do the genuine fans any favours do they?

    • Connolly is no superstar, but surely he has earnt the chance to play RB so that Lees can have a run in the middle. We desperately need to sort this situation out, look at how incredulous Lonergan was with that third goal, he was furious, and justifiably so because that was youth team standard defending. If the other 9 players in the team have no faith in the two central defenders, then we do not have a team. Oh well, at least we had our first clean sheet until halftime this season, baby steps lads...

    • Football as you know Lotto can be very unforgiving especially if you play in defence.One mistake and the ball finishes in the back of the net.
      Goalkeepers have the same problem, drop a ball and its in the back of the net. Ask Gary Sprake, Paul Robinson, Scott Carson even David Seaman one mistake and your crucified! Strikers tend not to have the same problem, one miss and it tends to be forgotten by and large unless you are Billy P. Our defence whilst it has obvious problems at times compares favourably with most other defences in our division. Ok SG and co seem not to be able to seal the leaks but then like the old saying goes "you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear" and with limited resources we are stuck with what we have got for now. Lets hope SG can prise Wilson away from Liverpool on loan and we get a good RB in to allow TL to play as CB again. Until then MOT as always!

    • Well Ross did say the team defends as a whole, which they did do in the first half, but poor individual mistakes, a poor throw in, a dodgy penalty, Larry picks the players he's Leeds and I love him for that but sentiments aside I think he has reached his limits, Macca's limit was the players were not good enough for his coaching, it's the opposite with Larry, maybe he needs to look at his coaching or defensive coach Snodin etc. A big thumbs up to the fans who travelled as ever you did us proud. M.O.T

    • Two points lost, not one gained! Agree 120% Tom!

    • Quite right John!
      We have all known for a year or more that the defense is rubbish. I feel sorry for Lonergan who has proved he is more than a capable goalie having had to play behind a rotten PNE defense and now the same at LU.
      Unless KB will get his hands into his bank account and get some quality in there we will suffer like this all season. We have no quality centre backs, only players who are too old or not good enough available.We are naive beyond belief at the back and the time has now come to do something about it. It ain't that difficult if you have decent players, but ours aren't!!

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      • If you look at the goals we let in last night, they were all down to mistakes from one player, Leigh Bromby!
        Grayson does have a point because no matter how well you prepare for a game it all goes out of the window if one of your players does not do the basics when defending.
        We still need at least one quality centre half because no one ive seen there this season fills me with confidence, although the keeper is a big improvement on Kasper. He actually comes off his line to claim balls put into our box.
        Adam Clayton was quality and Howson had his best game in ages last night. But i think SG needs to swap Danny Pugh with Aidy White as white gives us far more going forward, and Pugh is a better defender.
        Not a bad point i suppose but with a bit more application it could have been so much better.