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  • Andrew Andrew Sep 26, 2011 21:22 Flag

    Larry to go?

    ATM I do not think Larry should go.
    The Brighton match, Friday 23 September 2011, not only proved that ‘football is a game of two halves’ but that Leeds United is a team of two halves. After dominating the first, Leeds capitulated in the second half. Leeds’ ongoing defensive frailties were blamed on its failure to press home a clear advantage but, although errors were made by defenders (Leigh Bromby in particular), the real problem, in this game and others, is in the composition of the Leeds team.
    Most successful attacks on the Leeds goal start from 20 to 35 yards out in the middle of the park, in an area that the midfield should control.
    If you look at the composition of Leeds’s team you will see it is heavy with strikers, even heavier with defenders, but light on midfielders.
    Becchio, McCormack, Keogh, Forssell, Somma, Paynter, Snodgrass, Nunez, Howson – the last three are not natural midfielders (NINE in total, out of whom only any THREE can play in a 4-3-3 formation).
    Clayton, Sam, Vayrynen, Brown (FOUR in total, out of whom only any THREE can play in a 4-3-3 formation).
    White, O’Dea, Pugh, Kisnorbo, Lees, Bromby, Connolly, O’Brien, Bruce, Taylor (TEN in total, out of whom only any FOUR can play in a 4-3-3 formation).
    Clearly, the Leeds team is weak in midfield, even if only numerically. Opposition managers will recognise this weakness and exploit it. Simon Grayson sees it and tries to cover by using attacking or defending players out of position to sure up the midfield weakness – this only shows that he was unable to recruit the team he wanted, to enable Leeds to push for promotion this term.
    The astute financial management of Leeds by Ken Bates (ref his, embarrassing, “slow arousal” sexual references to grooming our club) may account for Simon’s recent inability to sign quality players in our midfield.
    It is not in Bates’ plan to get Leeds into the EPL before 2013 – why else would Simon state that the club’s ambition is merely to finish in the top six?
    With the exception of Lewis Turner (LB), all of our young players, currently in the Reserves, are midfielders - Nathan Turner (MF), Zac Thompson (MF), Sanchez Payne (MF), Joe McCann (MF). Anyone of these could develop and enhance the midfield (or Ken could sell them to make a profit!), so, on Ken’s ‘slow arousal’ principle, there is no need to make a significant investment in midfield playing personnel… unless, of course, Leeds fans object to supporting a team that has no ambition in the short term.
    In most enterprises that Ken Bates has undertaken he has promised ‘jam tomorrow’ and delivered none – for just one example, look up ‘The Irish Trust Bank’, a bank Bates set up with the capital of 1400 ‘savers’, including George Best and Bobby Charlton. The bank folded. The Irish Central Bank cited, as the reason for The Irish Trust Bank’s failure: “too many loans, not repaid, to anonymous offshore entities”
    On his past record, Leeds fans cannot afford to believe in Ken Bates’ promises of jam tomorrow – his plans for the future are likely to serve only his interests. He is gambling on Leeds fans to keep faith with their team whilst he makes minimum investment for maximum return...
    I also think that Johnny Howson is not captain material and that our side is weakened by not having a natural leader on the park.