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  • Andrew Andrew Sep 28, 2011 20:50 Flag

    Larry to go?

    Awarding the captain's armband to a player currently on loan is (ahem) 'left field' thinking but who else, at present, could take on the role - Becchio or Connolly?
    Becchio is a leader but to ask him to focus on chivvying the defence would distract him from his primary job as a striker. Connolly is a lad few in the team would care to argue with but his authority is undermined by not being a regular in the starting XI. Clayton is an alternative but giving him the armband would be an affront to Howson and sow the seeds of discontent within the squad.
    Pugh is new and, therefore, not involved in team politics. As a Premiership player he commands respect. As an ex-Leeds player he knows the club. He certainly has opinions about how Leeds should perform... but I am not sure he is the 'shouter' Leeds needs as a captain.
    Personally, I just hope Paddy returns to match fitness and picks up his pace; he is still my first choice for leader.
    Without an effective captain on the park, I fear Leeds will continue to fall apart under pressure.
    What really irritates is Leeds' inability to sort the team out in pre-season!