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  • Andrew Andrew Oct 2, 2011 20:12 Flag

    10 out of 12 - Good by any standard or what?

    That is a fair overview, Tom. Due to injury and recruitment problems, Leeds has had a second poor start in the Championship but, as you say, the squad is looking more settled now. It would unreasonable to think Leeds could push on without another defeat - but, ATM, I am an unreasonable optimist!
    Sometimes, Larry’s tactics and team selections frustrate the Hell out of me but I cannot see another manager making a better fist in the circumstances. Another manager might take a year just to get us to where Larry has us now so, although I may moan about some of his decisions, I am happy to stick with him and see how he develops and what he can produce this term.

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    • I think that the best thing about the result is not only the clean sheet, but the welcome return to form for Robbie Snodgrass and the return of Connolly to the starting lineup, allowing Lees to play CB. I managed to find a good 10 minute highlight package, which is a rarity, and I thought we looked really strong from what I saw. Lonergan seems an absolute gun, just as good a shot stopper as Kasper but stronger in the air as well. Plenty to be positive about, may it continue..