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  • Tom Tom Oct 2, 2011 15:29 Flag

    10 out of 12 - Good by any standard or what?

    The championship as we know is a highly competitive league where a couple of slip ups in a game can cost you dearly, ref (BHA). Two wins on the trot and up you go and vice versa. So 10 out of a possible 12 points is certainly worthy of merit.Well done SG and the lads long may it last. The squad is looking more settled IMO and round pegs have found their holes at last. The bench looks solid and capable of effecting a change when called upon. Are the green shoots of recovery becoming visible at last? The next few games in October certainly look winnable and if successful should see us firmly located in the top six. Onwards and upwards, MOT, still with SG at the helm and no mention of …...?

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    • Thanks Lotto, have set my TV to record also. The synopsis reads..
      Inside Out special journalist David Conn investigates the ownership of Leeds United, exploring who has owned the club for the last six years and asking whether the fans are getting a good deal. Lets hope that the results of his investigations show him up for what he really is. Unfortunately resulting conclusions could also open up the proverbial "Can Of Worms" Bangkok Bandits and all. Looking forward to his comments in the next programme notes.

    • Maybe he might choke on his favourite tipple "Sancerre" as he watches. Nope, don't mean that..Yes I do. No I don't!

    • remember, remember the 5th of November! In this case its the 20th September 2010, and the post was from Bryan! So you will forgive me if I take a more subdued view of things! He who shall remain nameless is still hanging upside down from a lamppost just up the road from ER!
      Whichever way you look at it we are 3 points off an automatic promotion spot, which all things considered is pretty good at this stage.Although we are new boys we have no one to fear and I do believe that any match in this division can go either way this year.Let's hope our home form will now push up the table to some giddy heights.

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      • It looks like the same is happening again this season, only lets hope this time we can make the top 6.
        As long as we can keep the defensive mistakes down to a minimum I believe we could even get auto promo.
        That is if KB will allow it! Can't wait till Monday when hopefully the sh1te will hit the fan!

      • Old grey beard's getting the hammer from every direction, much like the guy Ashley up at Newcastle here. But the same Ashley turned his balaclava back to front for a couple of years and appears to have ridden the storm. I know he's spent a few bob whereas Batesy has stacks of full piggy banks, but has grey beard got any appreciative fans out there, he's still hanging on.

    • So long as we score one goal more than the opposing team there is not a problem! Many teams go through the whole season winning by one goal! But! "Die Null Muß stets Stehen"! "The zero must always stand"! Thats what I wrote on the Hull Board and the same goes for Leeds! As Bryan mentioned many top teams go through an whole season winning by just one goal! Its not the goals we score thats a problem but the ones we let in, and if we have that sorted, Bobs yer Uncle or Charlies yer Aunt depending on yer bent! As for him who should remain nameless I am reminded of the Merlin Films where at the end Merin (O`Neill) states his method of getting rid of Mab, they just ignored her and turned away, whereupon she vanished! Could it be that simple? Must ask Baldrick!

    • That is a fair overview, Tom. Due to injury and recruitment problems, Leeds has had a second poor start in the Championship but, as you say, the squad is looking more settled now. It would unreasonable to think Leeds could push on without another defeat - but, ATM, I am an unreasonable optimist!
      Sometimes, Larry’s tactics and team selections frustrate the Hell out of me but I cannot see another manager making a better fist in the circumstances. Another manager might take a year just to get us to where Larry has us now so, although I may moan about some of his decisions, I am happy to stick with him and see how he develops and what he can produce this term.

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      • I think that the best thing about the result is not only the clean sheet, but the welcome return to form for Robbie Snodgrass and the return of Connolly to the starting lineup, allowing Lees to play CB. I managed to find a good 10 minute highlight package, which is a rarity, and I thought we looked really strong from what I saw. Lonergan seems an absolute gun, just as good a shot stopper as Kasper but stronger in the air as well. Plenty to be positive about, may it continue..

    • Good yes, lets hope with positional sense returned to correct positions we prevail, I'm still worried about not having a leader and Johnny boy went missing again these still need sorting our Finnish duo look the part to me and given a chance will do well, M.O.T Cat A Bates ya having a laugh get it sorted please. P.S im supporting Larry but won't be shocked if he gets the boot if we have a couple of more defeats.