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  • Peter F Peter F Oct 12, 2011 00:09 Flag

    Focus back on the pitch

    The situation at Leeds regarding being owned by a complete prat, or not, or by a group of prats, or not, or really not knowing who owns ER and TA is not changing in a hurry. Nor are the prices being charged for admission to ER. So, as much as we want to talk about it, want to see change (even NEED), it's just not happening at the moment.

    In the meanwhile, back to football! We play a resurgent Doncaster on Friday, before games against Coventry and Peterborough. I would be aiming for a minimum of 7 points from these games!

    Nunez signing until 2015 is a big surprise; why have these contract lengths not been used for others in the past! Predictions for Friday and squad suggestions?

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    • Wasn't it just!!

    • Great results for us this weekend!!
      6 points off the top and we could be in a great position come next Saturday night.
      Deja vu definitely!

    • So whats happened? Well lets look at the old Oleary side. Solid right back Mills Woody/radebe - then Matteo Left footed centre half and Harte left back. Balanced yes Leeds the same ODea left sided centre half, Aidy Left footed left back.
      Midfield Oleary balanced again Kewell and McPhail both natural left sided players.
      Graysons - Pugh solid natural left sided player.
      Up front Smith the workhorse and a natural finisher in Keane/Viduka etc.
      Graysons - Keogh/Becchio workhorse - McCormack/Vassell natural finishers.
      Im not a Howson fan as I think he goes missing too much, but the lads put in some good shifts of late, and the whole team battled from the front to the back which is all we as fans ask for full commitment. M.O.T am I on for my prediction 9 points from 9?

    • Lovely jubbly, one prediction I enjoyed getting wrong. 3 in the onion bag, clean sheet--is the train back on track. And someone tell me please why Bechio was on the bench, he's he carrying an injury or summit.

    • Think I'll wait till after the 1-1 draw at Doncaster to see how the injury situation pans out before making any predictions, Peter.

    • I echo your comments Peter at the moment out of our hands but not out of our minds. Down to football matters, next three games all winnable given our recent form. The recent break should have given SG time to bed the Finns in and hopefully sort out his best combination at the back. Wishful thinking or what? I feel quietly confident. At the worst I would welcome clean sheets in all three games as we all know the goals are there for us. Now that would be progress indeed.

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      • Out of the 3 games coming up. i expect the donny game to be our biggest test. They are enjoying a revival under Dean Saunders and will be difficult to beat on their patch judging by current form.
        The next 2 home games are a big chance for another 6 points as both these teams are struggling, and if we can take 7 points from these 3 games it should put us nicely in the top 6. Becchio should be near to full fitness so im pretty confident that we will take points from all these games. Expect some kind of unrest at the Coventry game if he turns up, its the first chance the fans will have to let him know what they think after mondays programme.