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  • Peter F Peter F Oct 16, 2011 23:07 Flag

    What Do You Guys Think

    While I respect the loyalty of those who stood by the team, the passion of sport and the entry price entitles you to voice your opinion... within reason.

    Anybody else read about SG in The Sun?

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    • I personally don't boo but a Ive said in previous posts football is a product now and if you pay £30 for a ticket you expect your money's worth, so I can fully understand booing. Also at Elland Road ive heard "your not fit to wear the shirt", and the rather funny "What the f**k is going on".

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      • That takes me back to Edgeley Park a few years back. We got beat 3-1 by County and them two chants were sung throughout the second half. I was absolutely devastated. The rags had a field day and the few County fans I knew also.Seems like a lifetime ago now. Us where we are now and County out of the league. Part of me misses those days though in a strange way. Being #$%$ and gallows humour was in our make up. I'd rather be where we are now though in truth. Don't give up Lotto. Who knows what's around the corner. Every dog has its' day as they say.

    • Yeah, I read The Sun report. I just think that whatever marital problems Simon Grayson has they are his own affair. I am not interested, unless they affect his performance as a manager.