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  • Easyrider2609 Easyrider2609 Oct 18, 2011 10:04 Flag

    What Do You Guys Think

    Alan, Booing and giving the Thumbs down is a fairly mild form of voicing ones disgust at your teams performance! Remarks such as "Your Not Fit To Wear The Shirt" or "What the Fusck are You doing"? are really only opinions, which as we know everybody has one! The use of the term "Fusck" cannot be seen as abuse in this day and age, when it is used universally by the Americans in whatever contewxt they feel like and the Media/TV also seem to be fairly liberal with their use of four letter words these days! A few year ago I use to travel from germany to Seminars in the UK and on a few occasions by bus! The name of the company did not cause any funny looks or remarks in Germany but in the UK it was a different kettle of Fish! The name of the Bus Company? Would you believe F_U_C_K_E_R! When asked if I was travelling on that Bus, my answer was yes I am travelling on that F___________R! The use of more verbal and physical forms of abuse, personal slagging off etc is to be discouraged and banned from Sports events as it has no place in a civilised society, the same as people who throw things at players, especially Goalkeepers is a dsigrace and should the culprits be caught severly punished! To voice your disgust is normal when as Peter and Lotto say fans pay alot of hard earned cash to watch these games! The Players receive more than adequate compensation for their time and efforts and when they do not or cannot provide the goods, not the same as winning by the way, by giving of their best then they should expect some signs of disgruntlement from the fans, otherwise they will think it is acceptable to put in a poor performance! It is no use them coming and saying, oh I had a bad day, my wife left me, I have toothache etc etc! We as normal cannot use these excuses at work and expect the bosses to swallow em! They sign a contract for a certain length of time on the promise they will provide the goods for a particular amount of compensation for their time and efforts! So it should be Play Up before we Pay Up!

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    • Mammoth post Easy. Excellent points on the matter. Many moons ago I went down to a mid week match to watch the lads play Bury when we were in a relegation dog fight to stay in the then second division. There was a young lad a wee boy and he was playing on the wing at the time. He was having a bad night. As the match progressed nothing improved and the crowd continued to barrack him, The ball went out of play just in front of us, the young lad bent down to pick the ball up and as he stood up you could see the tears welling up as the abuse continued. Get him off, he's bloody useless, came ringing out from just behind me, the lad looked around and carried on until the match finished. Our manager came over to the lad and put his arm around him and led him off the pitch. The manager was The Don and the wee lad with the ginger crop was Billy B a homesick young lad a long way from home "the legend that we know and now revere" .Enough said on the matter. If you are a true fan you take the rough with the smooth, the good with the bad. If fans don't like what they see let them stay away and become fair-weather supporters, rather than voice their disapproval vocally. IMO it achieves nothing.

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      • Good point Tom!
        In a similar vein I remember being at Charlton when we got promoted to Division 1 when a young lad called Terry Cooper played on the wing and had an absolute stinker. The don then turned him into one of the best full backs in the country.
        We can all moan but being negative towards your them never does any good in the end and as you say you just have to take the rough with the smooth even though frustration will always kick in at some point.