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    Match Predictions

    Next match Birmingham away 2 - 2 ?

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    • Well just got back! WOW that has to be one of the worst keeper displays I have ever seen, Im sorry but the guy has cost us 2 games and 4 goals from basic yes basic errors, disappointed for the lad and to be booed must be terrible I really can't see him in a Leeds shirt again. I said these games would be hard and the next one well I hope for a point. The fans stuck with the team in the second half, it will be interesting to see if Bates gets behind Larry? So next match a hopeful 1-1

    • Dont know about standing lotto there was enough space in the stands to have an alternative game going on. Perhaps the message is getting through to the despicable one. Gained a massive point but it also prooves a point were on our way back. Now we have a settled squad we're playing much better and team spirit is high. Spare a thought for H up in the Pool he knows now whats its like to get thumped 0-4 at home. :-(

    • It's me, Tom, I'm back on. I've been holed up in the garden shed for 24 hours after the Pools v Charlton game, what a load of shyte. Fair do's for Charlton, cash to splash and all that, but for us---bottom 4 deffo. Our lass wasn't bothered about me being missing, but she said the booing noises from the bottom of the garden kept her awake all night.
      Back to the main topic, you guys, it's a familiar pattern. 3 points against Blackpool and you're back up there with a real shout, and a kick on towards Santa Clause---then what happens come January??????
      H---all ears.

    • Next match Blackpool, 3 points and 3 nil. Cardiff was always going to be tricky just glad we nicked a well deserved point. Noticed about 20 Cardiff fans were ejected for standing, Bates your doing a great job of alienating not just Leeds fans, but all fans! M.O.T

    • One from the archives Bryan. I think the score was 2-1 to them in all three games. Hope we reverse the trend today and I will take 2-1 to us. Although a draw would not be a total disaster. Snoddy I hope will benefit from the extra hour in bed, the lad looks knackered come half time. No comments from you H.. Metro Sleuth !!
      MOT and upwards for TMW's.

    • Cardiff have always been a bogey team. Remember when they knocked out of the cup in the 3rd round 3 times.
      I hope we can stuff them tomorrow. The positive is they are not the same team as last year although still good enough to get in the yop 6, so we must be careful.
      Let's hope McCormsck has something to prove. MOT

    • We need to beat our bogey team, as there are another 2 tricky games coming up, and you can guarantee Leicester will have there new manager to spur them on! And a return to Blackpool as well for Larry!

    • Qui me---I said to Snodders, there's a strong rumour circulating these parts about you and the Magpies, mate, any truth in it.
      He said---Hadawayandshyteman.

    • Alan, you are a mischief-creating Pools monkey. Please stop it before we hang you for being French - Avez-vous quelque chose de mieuex?

    • Players are worth whatever price a club wants to buy (or sell) them for - end of! It is absurd to suggest Snoddy, even if he is a 'want away', would perform poorly in order to get a better deal at another club.
      Snoddy is one of our best players and you can be sure that an astute manager like Chris Houghton had him marked out of the game at St Andrews.
      The Birmingham v Leeds match was decided on the strengths of the two teams' goalkeepers. Snoddy was not responsible for the loss. If anything, the outcome of an even match was down to Houghton's clever team selection, in contrast to Grayson's 'same as' planning. What will it take for Larry not to select Howson?
      Leeds' present strength comes from the partnerships it has on both flanks, in its centre back positions, and strike force. Its midfield partnership is weak. Clayton is the dynamo of our midfield yet Larry took Clayton off and left Howson on!

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