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  • Andrew Andrew Oct 27, 2011 17:57 Flag

    Match Predictions

    Players are worth whatever price a club wants to buy (or sell) them for - end of! It is absurd to suggest Snoddy, even if he is a 'want away', would perform poorly in order to get a better deal at another club.
    Snoddy is one of our best players and you can be sure that an astute manager like Chris Houghton had him marked out of the game at St Andrews.
    The Birmingham v Leeds match was decided on the strengths of the two teams' goalkeepers. Snoddy was not responsible for the loss. If anything, the outcome of an even match was down to Houghton's clever team selection, in contrast to Grayson's 'same as' planning. What will it take for Larry not to select Howson?
    Leeds' present strength comes from the partnerships it has on both flanks, in its centre back positions, and strike force. Its midfield partnership is weak. Clayton is the dynamo of our midfield yet Larry took Clayton off and left Howson on!