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  • Tilton Tilton Oct 28, 2011 12:37 Flag

    Birmingham 1 Leeds 0

    After a shaky Start, Al, our lot seem to be building up a head of steam...and have to say I'm impressed with whats happening up to now.

    As for Leeds, I have a soft spot for them and was a regular poster on this board for a long time in the days of Bats and Vinny, Easyrider and Andrex and Cyprus John...where are they all now ? Only Andy is still around although I remain in touch with B4ts off the boards.

    Are Leeds good enough this season...well like you pointed out about Birmingham Al...I think Leeds have the right bloke steering the ship..if he is given time, Leeds will be going up by 2013, IMO at the latest.

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    • Nige, I think your lot are looking very solid... Once the European distraction is done with and they can focus on the league, I think they will go up automatically. Hughton knows what it takes to deal with the expectation of having a strong squad in this division.

      As for us, Alan is right - SG will not hang around forever. I worry about an approach from Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan or Wolves.. but especially Blackburn. SG wants to achieve promotion with us, but if he knows Ken is not gonna back him, then eventually everybody has their breaking point.

      You keep in touch personally with bats? Please encourage him at my behest to return to posting on the board, I miss his insights immensely..